Let's Talk About Robes

Let's Talk About Robes

We’re always aiming to serve the best in sexy, comfortable undies that show off everything that you’re workin’ with. However, with Fall making its arrival, we also wanted to offer something that gives a bit more coverage, while still keeping it as sexy as possible. So here we are, underwear-loving friends, introducing to you…our Simply Luxurious Chiffon Robe!



Just to give a little detail about the product: It’s made out of 100% polyester, it has an incredibly soft, transparent look, and has a luxurious satin tie around the waist, just to give it that air of elegance. It’s on the shorter side, showing off a little more of your legs to give you the experience of relaxing in style. The best part? It’s all made right here in Arizona!


So why a robe, you may be asking? Well, we’re definitely no strangers to the realm of loungewear, so offering another piece that allows you to keep it sexy AND cozy at home just felt natural. Now that the temperatures are getting cooler, being able to snuggle up in a robe that’s not just comfortable, but also very sexy, feels like a luxury. Of course, we had to add our spin on it by making it transparent, just to make it that much more intimate. So instead of it being a big and bulky robe (though we ain’t got no beef with a big, bulky robe) it's a nice, smooth, sophisticated robe that offers a little peek at “the goods.”


I absolutely love this product because it’s such a modern twist on a classic style. It offers such a high-class aesthetic, which definitely puts my "at home" look of an over-sized graphic tee with gym shorts to shame. Wearing this will put out the vibe that you care about what you look like while relaxing at home just as much as you do when you leave the house. Wearing this robe makes being fashionable 24/7 look like a breeze!


If you’re looking for a little something different in your wardrobe, this chiffon robe is definitely the way to go. It’s sensual, it’s soft, and it’ll make you look incredible. Plus, you could also persuade a significant other into wearing this, if they were into it. So it’d be a gift for you in two different ways. How cool is that?


Do you own any robes? What is your favorite part about wearing them? Let us know in the comments!

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Want to buy a the stylish calf length bathrobes with rich color.(eg:- combination of gold and black)

Rishikaysh Kolhapuray

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