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I like to do a lot of yoga and often find myself struck by the differences in attire for men and women.  Pretty much universally, women wear leggings and men wear shorts or sweatpants. I am curious how this all came about?  Leggings and tights make perfect sense to me – they stretch with your movements, and they help your muscles stay warm and flexible.  Shorts and baggy sweatpants, on the other hand, can bunch-up and get in the way. I think something similar can be said of swimwear – the common expectations are that women wear something form-fitting and men something baggy.

To me none of this makes sense.  I like wearing form-fitting clothes!  I swim laps to keep fit, and nothing is worse than baggy swim shorts – and nothing better than a nice swim brief.  I’ve liked wearing tights and leggings for a long time. Back when I was a kid I’d play dress-up and try on my mom’s tights and pantyhose.  This didn’t last long as I grew older, but when I became more athletic and started cross-country skiing and running, I found I really enjoyed wearing form-fitting tights in the winter – they are great for supporting your movement and keeping your legs warm!

For women, leggings today are high fashion and no longer just for the yoga studio.  I for one would like to see more legging options for men! I haven’t gotten to the point in which I will wear leggings out in public, but often wear them around the house.  Like many other form-fitting clothes, that can make me feel really good about myself. I find a good quality fabric that fits snuggly makes you more aware of your body which in turn can result in more confidence and pride (and encourage you to work out a bit more!).

I won’t tell a lie, even as an adult my interest in wearing nice tights and leggings has led me to try some products made for women.  The styles available to women still far exceed those readily available and acceptable for men – thigh highs, fishnets, etc. – but at the end of the day, however, this isn’t what I want.  I want tights and leggings made for men, with a man’s body shape in mind.  And I want leggings or tights that work well for both the gym and a night out!  I want something that feels right for my body, and is practical, comfortable, useful, and sexy!

What do you all think?


Love the satin tights that Body Aware offers! I would like to see more colors, like RED! As for the leggings, I find that the female version of leggings fit better. Maybe because they have more Spandex? Not sure but I would try another pair of Body Aware leggings if I knew the Spandex content was up. I wear the leggings in public and appreciate any glances I get. The tights I save for home as they often do not have a pocket for my keys….

Scott August 07, 2020

I totally agree brother!

I’m a grown man and I wear leggings all the time. If I’m being stylish, I wear a loin cloth to cover the bulge. Or I wear a bandanna or scarf around the crotch to be courteous of others in my gym or yoga class. I don’t care what anyone thinks about it. I love the way I feel in them and I’ll keep wearing them, even if it isn’t quite socially acceptable for men to do so. I’m glad I’m not the only man who thinks this way. It’s so liberating to defy gender norms and expectations

Justin April 20, 2020


If you do not like something you can avoid it – you can’t do that with your body it’s with you 24/7. I had thought I hate my body with it’s massive bulge in an awkward but highly visible area.

I had a major hernia operation last year big op not the usual. I had been a carer for four years and the last thing I worried about was my body – neglect I guess. One of things that contributed was it seems inappropriate unsupportive underwear that was not at all sexy, now I am just wonder why I wore that stuff my body was not receiving any pleasure from it. Why wasn’t I a bit more adventurous. Support down there is vital and I was recommended to wear compression clothing as an aid to recovery. In hospital during the operation they had put on a supportive jock strap. They suggested lycra cycle shorts etc and my first reaction was I am not wearing those ! Now love meggings and sports tights for men mainly for lounging at the moment in fact wear all the time around the house commando. I look at my trousers and think yuck I not wearing those ! I grew up in an era where this stuff was unimaginable and certainly wasn’t around, and a lot of expertise and technology has gone into these things and they have finally discovered what men like, we are so lucky these days. I can definitely say wearing meggings has added to my self esteem and to my body confidence and therefore my overall confidence from a low ebb. Also helped my recovery from when I could only walk a little distance initially. Your body is with you 24/7 as is supportive mechanism for your daily life. I have since learnt to pay it some respect and love and it seems to like this new gear. I would say men enjoy your bodies maximising self respect and maintain them as I have some way to go before building up a decent level of fitness. I am a solo male. I think my next purchase will be a satin bodysuit as seems so comfortable and practical and I believe will be reasonably supportive of genitals and abdomen without being too restrictive. Also practical I believe as sleepwear as presently I sleep in the nude and maybe some support would be a good idea or maybe a suitable thong would be better for this. Stop denying our bodies. I never thought I would write like this or feel so free within my body. I feel I have broken out of a self imposed body prison. I feel hospitalization has allowed me to put my body into prospective and enabled me to stop fighting it but to offer it some pleasure and relaxation which allows me to be an easier person to live with I hope.

Gary April 01, 2020

I am 43 black male. I am straight, (not that it makes a difference.)
I wear leggings, all the time.
I also wear spray on and super spray on jeans, simply because I can, and they are comfortable, and because I am comfortable in my skin. Usually closed minded people have problems with it, because it is new to them.
I have recently started into the PVC, and faux leather leggings, which I have really taking a liking too. I have received many positive comments especially from women, being that they are usually more fashionable than men. But it’s still hard for the urban environment to accept, but I frankly don’t give a damn what they think, or how they feel. It’s my body, my money, my clothes, and my choice, and frankly I wear it all damn well.

Stallion76 February 24, 2020

I’ve have worn speedo type briefs since high school, which was in the 1950s. I am still a lap swimmer at 79 years of age and yes, I still wear speedos. I am six feet tall and weigh 175 with a 34-inch waist. I also enjoy tights and leggings, but only at home or under jeans during cold weather. Here’s the deal gents, if I were as young as all of you, I would not hesitate to wear form-fitting attire wherever I wanted to. Too bad if some don’t like it. Maybe they should go look in the mirror.

Joe December 04, 2019

Back in the 70s my wife would buy me womens panty hose instead of wearing long underwear in winter. Also guys in the British Army based in Germany before the wall came down used womens tights as underwear as it was lighter and easier to launder in the field

Brian October 05, 2019

I wear men’s running leggings to yoga & women’s leggings, one is a bright blue pair which get some looks if I go to a local shop sometime’s. My yoga class is all women except for me.

I like to wear women’s jeggings as they are more comfortable than men’s skinny jeans, no stretch.

Swim briefs & Close fitting trunks are much more comfortable than soggy swim trunks. I started to wear a mans sarong to the beach & beach restaurant & bars.
Modern style Kilts & women’s skirts(worn as a masculine look) are another favorite of mine.
You have got to own your own style go your own way, Set a trend not follow it.

Satin 4 September 27, 2019

I wholeheartedly agree. I quite honestly have to wear short tights to the gym to avoid painful chafing. I would love to wear something that is actually designed for the male anatomy, something that is completely overlooked. Functional fitness??
I like to wear swim trunks “speedos” … yet get branded when I do… WTF!

Ade September 27, 2019

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