Laundry Lines

Laundry Lines


I’ve been into collecting and experimenting with underwear for quite a long time now, since the mid-1990s.  I’ve tried a lot of different styles, and once I found how I wanted to express myself using undies I really became a collector.  I have good underwear in my drawer!  

An American friend of mine lived in Italy for a few years.  She was a huge fan of lingerie and eager to share with anyone.  I remember she once told me that all Italians wear good underwear. Her theory?  Laundry lines. When you hang your laundry outside for the world to see, you want them all to know you as a proud human being who values beauty and self-expression.

I can say too that one of my favorite things about having a good underwear collection is hanging it out to dry.  Not many people get to see me in my thongs and bikinis, but everyone gets to see that I do wear them. That feels fun and playful to me, and also makes me feel proud and more confident in knowing that my love of underwear is nothing that needs to be hidden or be ashamed of.  I am out and proud of my love for thongs, satin, and Latin American briefs!

Tell me, short of that special someone(s), how do you like to display your best underwear?

Signing off!


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Yes, I do hang those outside for drying.
Underwears drive the first moment of the day when I dress. Important to take cares nickel this part pf our body


I like nice shorts and undies. I swim every day at my local gym (I live in the U.K.) and am proud to wear nice shorts on the way in, nice speedo’s In the pool and lovely undies in the changing room. It’s amazing how many guys wear horrible old underwear or non at all.


I think it’s great you have that confidence. For me, the only “sharing” is changing occasionally in the workplace locker room.


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