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A Big Bratwurst, or a Tiny Todger?

Posted on 06 January 2017

Something I never thought could be an issue when looking for underwear was penis size. Now that I actually wrote it out onto a random white space on the internet, it seems ridiculous that I would think it wouldn't be, but with how often we get questions about whether or not their “well-endowed” penis would fit into our designs, I’ve noticed that it’s definitely an important factor in looking for a pair of underwear. So now, with this knowledge under my belt, let's talk about how to know whether or not you have a Big Bratwurst, or a Tiny Todger. (Why yes, we did have a lot of fun with those nicknames.) 



So here’s the thing: the average penis size, when erect, is 5.1 inches, according to Medical News Today. When flaccid, the average size is 3.5 inches.


Are you surprised? Underwhelmed? Rushing to see if yours matches up? (Relax, you’re fine, no matter what size you are!) I thought this would be a useful bit of information to share, because penis size does seem to be important to a lot of people outside of shopping for underwear, as well. It can be a big source of insecurity, because many guys think they need to be 7-8 inches to be considered competent. However, the average size is plenty big! Even if you’re below average, hey, there’s no need to fret. Just means you don’t have to uncomfortably shove it into tight pairs of underwear, right? Comfortability is pretty great, in my opinion.



So if you’re below average, you might be considered a “Tiny Todger.” In the underwear world, that means you can wear underwear with smaller pouches with fabric that doesn’t stretch, like our 3 Degrees of Dazzle Tanga. However, you might want to avoid underwear that has bigger pouches, as the pouch will look a bit off since it’s not being filled.



If you’re above average, you’ll want to stay away from non-stretchy underwear like the one we mentioned above, (unless you’re going for the “exposing half of my penis” look.) Our Silk Satin Tanga, however, has a smaller front that stretches out to accommodate bigger penis sizes. If you want something specifically meant for your bigger penis, our Invisible Shaper Brief is stretchy enough to fit you in there! It's made with an incredibly stretchy, contouring pouch that should fit you, no matter how big you are.


I never knew penis size could be a big issue when looking for a pair of underwear, but knowing which ones would accommodate bigger or smaller guys is definitely helpful! It’s good to be aware of that kind of stuff, you know? Now you can shop for underwear with full awareness of whether you have a Big Bratwurst, or a Tiny Todger!


Has penis size been something you have to consider when you shop for underwear? Leave us a comment! Just be sure to keep it classy!

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  • peter: April 05, 2017

    I think in addition to waist size, pouch size also should be mentioned in men’s underwear. I have a wide hip but 2.5’’(when soft) penis. So sometimes after I wear an underwear it doesn’t look good as good as it’s on the models in ur pics. If there is a pouch size like cup size in women’s bras, I could select better.

  • LowHanger: January 23, 2017

    I am so happy to see you writing about this topic. In addition to a pleasantly sized penis, I have been told by a number of people that I have very large balls. A close examination of some porn confirms that that is probably true. As a result, a lot of underwear doesn’t work well for me. I need something with a pouch that keeps my balls supported so they don’t get squished between my legs. Boxers don’t work; they are worse than going commando.

    Some BodyAware styles that work for me are the Stunning Sun brief, the Spring Swing, and the BodyCon brief. There used to be something called the “Well Endowed” brief but I no longer see if on the web site. I also recently bought a pair of the Space Grunge Leggings which do a wonderful job of highlighting everything. Definitely not for working out in public.

  • OpenPantyWearer. : January 07, 2017

    From your description I would be classified as a proud Tiny Todger. Maybe that’s why my underwear drawer has many pairs of panties … panties that match my wife’s. Yes we like to wear and shop for matching panties together. I do consider the size of the pouch when making a purchase because having a lot of unfilled material in the front is not a good look. Anyway we love bodyaware and its sister site xdress …. keep up the good work of making quality underwear for every penis size.

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