Hot and Sweaty in the Desert

Hot and Sweaty in the Desert

If you’ve been up-to-date with our social media, you might already know that we had a desert-themed photo shoot, recently! Given we’re based in one of the hottest deserts in the United States, how could we not go stand in the sun and get sweaty while snapping a few photos of one of our models? It was just too tempting to pass up. We had a lot of fun at this shoot, so we figured it would be fun to give you a little sneak peek of how it went down!


Our shoot location was just outside of a somewhat remote neighborhood, which had several beautiful cacti, trees, and an open road that gave us some good “hitch-hiker” shots. We started by immediately complaining about how hot it was, trying our best not to shrivel up under the heat of Scottsdale, Arizona. Luckily, we had doused ourselves with spray-on sunscreen before making our way to the location, so at least we were ahead of the game, there! However, we were only so powerless against Mother Nature’s ability to turn our cold waters into hot drinks and our bodies into sweat factories. The things we do for great photos of our underwear!


We really tried to be creative with this shoot, adding many props and putting Cory in poses that you don’t typically see in underwear modeling. Cory makes it super easy to do this, because he’s such a natural at posing and showing his personality in photos. He really interacted well with the props we gave him, such as the chair, the soda bottles, and even a vintage camera that Kat, our wonderful photographer, brought from home! We had a blast trying to figure out which poses would look the best with these props, and the photos she took definitely showed how well they worked out!


Though our success in the shoot was definitely memorable, it wasn't the only part that stuck in our minds. The location we picked wasn't completely abandoned, so several cars full of people did drive by. Seeing them crane their necks to see what on earth we were doing managed to be funny throughout the entire shoot. A school bus even passed us, and to our luck, it was still filled with kids. So, of course, our model had to wave at them. What else would you do when all you’re wearing is a pair of underwear? Luckily, no one seemed to think it was weird enough to make any formal complaints, so all was well!

Through all that sweat, perseverance, and borderline exhibitionism, it was still such a fun shoot. I’m sure all of us could have wished for just a tad less heat, but hey, we can only expect so much from our desert of a city. We got several good shots in such a short amount of time, and we made some fun memories along the way.

Here’s one of the finished shots from the shoot, just to show you how amazing it was!

Such a cool photo, right? 

There will be more to come, so be checking out our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to see the pics! There will also be some videos from this shoot as well, so get excited for those! 

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