Hey everyone!   It's John the Underwear Specialist. What's up?!  I'd like to share with you my favorite underwear of the month, The Hipster Brief.

As a man, I look for several qualities in anything that I am considering putting on or into my body. The list of requirements is as follows:

1. Does it work? An item must function successfully in the task to which it has been assigned.

2. Is this item worth the cost paid? Is this item going to work better than a cheaper alternative? Finding the right item at the right price also plays a significant role in any addition to my lifestyle. 

3. Can this item provide me with a strategical advantage against my competition? Providing myself with an added dynamic that my competitors do not have can sometimes make the difference and tilt the scales in your favor.

The Hipster Brief passed every test and met every requirement with the highest of marks.  The slightly abbreviated back cut gives this brief a unique fit.  This aspect combined with our amazing Body Aware front pouch makes the style something completely different than your average off-the-rack pair. All of this comes together with possibly the best part, which is the waistband.  It is soft against the skin, yet firm, and stays in place without digging in or causing any discomfort. 

The Hipster Brief fabric is amazing! Through all my daily twisting, turning, moving, and shaking there was never any bunching, no overheating, and best of all no scratching. The lightweight fabric breathes well and is a perfect compliment for this style of cut. It accentuates all of the best parts that we men have to offer.

Its functionality is of the greatest measure. No matter my activity, whether it be for work or play, I was taken care of without loss of support but perhaps more importantly without loss of confidence. 

With that knowledge of outstanding functionality, I then looked at the cost. It was quite clear by comparison that the effective cost of this brief is superior in every way.  On average The Hipster Brief was 25-30% more economical than other pairs, ones that would falsely claim to be equal.

The successful fulfillment of the final requirement sealed the deal for me. The Hipster Brief gives me a distinct advantage over all of my competitors in society and the marketplace. Nobody, or very few people, have something as interesting on underneath that I do. The backside of this brief is just ever so cheeky while the front accentuates everything I want. So if a conversation turns towards underwear, or if I end up in only this pair, I know the Hipster Brief will never let me down. 

The true advantage of this brief is that while the functionality allows me to do my 9 to 5 without loss of support, the style of it facilitates my 5 until whenever without loss of confidence. Knowing that I am unique and different from others, in my mind, and in my style, gives me that confidence that cannot be bought. The confidence that attracts and leads. The confidence that gives me the advantage I desire. 

Do you have anything that helps with your confidence? What is the one thing that you put on that makes you realize that yes, you are the king?

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I don’t think this guy knows what comfort is. It looks like he’s wearing a T-shirt backwards. Guys wearing panties and guys being comfortable is !cool but come on..


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