Hell Yes! Men CAN Wear Short Shorts!

When someone mentions short shorts nowadays we instantly think of women in tight fitting shorts with little inseams framing their hips and buttocks (perhaps even with a glimpse of a cheek). So why don’t men wear short shorts? To be honest, we used to. Back in the 1960’s and 1980’s short shorts for men were a thing! The style of them might not have been the sexiest back then, but they were there. Men wore them and they were accepted. What happened to men being able to wear short shorts? Why is it that only women can get away with wearing them? To me the answer is, men’s underwear!


Lets take a moment to think about it. Back in the 1960’s and even into the 1980’s men’s underwear were largely either boxers or very simple briefs (tighty whities). Once we began to approach the 1990’s men’s underwear suddenly took a big turn. We started to have longer boxer and trunk styles on the market. Men embraced these changes and there was a downturn to styles of underwear suitable for shorter inseam shorts for men. Did that make short shorts gone the way of the Dodo bird? Hell no! I say Viva the Short Shorts, and Viva the Short Inseam Revolution for men!



Some of you may be wondering, how as men, can we bring short shorts back into our culture and have them readily accepted? First and foremost, they have to look good! The ones at Body Aware cater to everyone’s tastes with an array of options in material and fit. Secondly, we need the right underwear and Body Aware is the answer. To pull off short shorts and have them look super good requires a sexy brief, tanga or dare I even say, thong (yep I said it, and I would totally wear them). Next, we need to consider where we would wear them.



Let’s say you’re going for a jog around town and want to feel good and perhaps be noticed a bit, then this would be a perfect reason. If its cooler while jogging then why not throw a pair of Body Aware leggings under them? Another great spot to wear them would be to the beach or at a pool party. Why not make your wife’s friends drool over you? As you can see, the sky is the limit, but we as men just have to make them the norm again.


Where would you consider wearing short shorts and what style from Body Aware would you choose? For me, I would go with the King Mesh Sports Short with an Essential Ribbed Thong in my wife’s choice of color.



Until next time my friends remember that we are the trend setters and we deserve to feel good!


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Short shorts are coming back! I love the short shorts! The newer versions typically have a pair of boxer briefs sewn into them which allows for some holding together of the package. I prefer the non lined, non briefed version though as it allows me to breathe free. I just have to be careful when I sit at Starbucks after my morning workout so that my junk doesn’t fall out. I like being risqué but do not want to be flasher….Thin line between the two.

Scott August 11, 2020

I think short shorts for men are starting to come back in style, slowly but surely! We have been getting a lot of them in at my workplace and they have been going fast! I wear 2 inch split running shorts that are very short almost daily and I have never once had anyone talk to me or treat me any different as if I was wearing long pants. Short running shorts is what I’m the most comfortable in.

Jonathan April 08, 2019

It is interesting that long shorts supplanted short shorts for men over 20 years ago, and shorter shorts have never quite made it back despite valiant attempts some well known designers. If you look at old school photos, movies or sportswear footage up to at least the 1980’s, you will see that men’s shorts were very short, often shorter than women’s. I recently saw a piece on the making of Mary Poppins, and in practice Burt and the chimney sweeps were wearing shorts that would have made Body Aware proud. The pre-occupation with cargo shorts, one of the biggest mass market fashion disasters for men ever created, is fortunately coming to an end, with at least trimmer shorts becoming more readily available at slightly shorter lengths.

Dave May 11, 2018

Cargo shorts can be tricky to master and are one of the most controversial styles of shorts out there. But if you style them right, any man can pull them off. Look for cargo shorts with trim, non-invasive pockets a bit like the Tommy Hilfiger John cargo shorts.

David Smith May 11, 2018

It’s great to see some shorts that don’t look like an oversized pair or trousers with the cuff cut off.
I’ll never understand how men went from showing off the best legs to being made to feel ashamed of them.
I for one have never liked boxer or boxer like briefs. A nice lace or light weight brief , thong or as the photo shows and you have the body for it, a bodysuit.
Our bizarre society even finds it strange that men want to show off their bodies or be sexy. Leggings and tights under shorts looks amazing and really gives shorts a complete new look and can go from casual to go out.

I look forward to the next blog. I love thongs.

Steve November 23, 2017

i love the shorts very much and wear them at the gym when i do my routines but when i saw the headline i was hoping for you to show us short shorts as in a very brief or bikini type short?? not that to me is a short short , these are just running/workout shorts?? thank you for reading

mark weatherbe November 21, 2017

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