Hell Yes! Men CAN Wear Short Shorts!

Hell Yes! Men CAN Wear Short Shorts!

When someone mentions short shorts nowadays we instantly think of women in tight fitting shorts with little inseams framing their hips and buttocks (perhaps even with a glimpse of a cheek). So why don’t men wear short shorts? To be honest, we used to. Back in the 1960’s and 1980’s short shorts for men were a thing! The style of them might not have been the sexiest back then, but they were there. Men wore them and they were accepted. What happened to men being able to wear short shorts? Why is it that only women can get away with wearing them? To me the answer is, men’s underwear!


Lets take a moment to think about it. Back in the 1960’s and even into the 1980’s men’s underwear were largely either boxers or very simple briefs (tighty whities). Once we began to approach the 1990’s men’s underwear suddenly took a big turn. We started to have longer boxer and trunk styles on the market. Men embraced these changes and there was a downturn to styles of underwear suitable for shorter inseam shorts for men. Did that make short shorts gone the way of the Dodo bird? Hell no! I say Viva the Short Shorts, and Viva the Short Inseam Revolution for men!



Some of you may be wondering, how as men, can we bring short shorts back into our culture and have them readily accepted? First and foremost, they have to look good! The ones at Body Aware cater to everyone’s tastes with an array of options in material and fit. Secondly, we need the right underwear and Body Aware is the answer. To pull off short shorts and have them look super good requires a sexy brief, tanga or dare I even say, thong (yep I said it, and I would totally wear them). Next, we need to consider where we would wear them.



Let’s say you’re going for a jog around town and want to feel good and perhaps be noticed a bit, then this would be a perfect reason. If its cooler while jogging then why not throw a pair of Body Aware leggings under them? Another great spot to wear them would be to the beach or at a pool party. Why not make your wife’s friends drool over you? As you can see, the sky is the limit, but we as men just have to make them the norm again.


Where would you consider wearing short shorts and what style from Body Aware would you choose? For me, I would go with the King Mesh Sports Short with an Essential Ribbed Thong in my wife’s choice of color.



Until next time my friends remember that we are the trend setters and we deserve to feel good!


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if all guys looked as good as him i would be gay.


As a guy myself, I prefer to wear women’s Juniors short shorts with a 2" inseam,if the girls can wear them, so can the guys. And of course I shave my legs for a nice clean look.


I’m a guy and have always preferred shorter style shorts. I never cared for or understood the desire to wear long baggy shorts. What are considered as “short shorts” for guys today were simply just shorts back in the 70’s and 80’s. Nobody made a big deal about them or thought they were odd or too short because everyone wore them. In the 90s it became acceptable to shame guys into covering up their bodies which was quite sad. I’m happy that shorter and less baggy styles for men are making a comeback, guys look more attractive in clothes that actually fit and it’s nice to see a guy who is confident enough to show off his upper leg. Sometime around 2016 I saw a pair of newly made 70’s style running shorts for sale online and bought them right away. I now own several pairs of short shorts and I’ve stopped wearing longer style shorts. Short shorts are my regular attire, I wear them to go grocery shopping, cycling, whatever. They’re so much more comfortable, and even though I’m certainly not as young as I was in the 80s I’m still proud of my legs and enjoy showing them off as they’re well toned from years of cycling. And showing some shapely boy bumps is part of the fun too, nothing wrong with guys showing off the shape of their bodies. This whole thing with shaming guys who don’t wear baggy clothes is just not cool. Plus it’s unhealthy and hypocritical, it really needs to stop. Guys are allowed to feel sexy too.


Short shorts are coming back! I love the short shorts! The newer versions typically have a pair of boxer briefs sewn into them which allows for some holding together of the package. I prefer the non lined, non briefed version though as it allows me to breathe free. I just have to be careful when I sit at Starbucks after my morning workout so that my junk doesn’t fall out. I like being risqué but do not want to be flasher….Thin line between the two.


I think short shorts for men are starting to come back in style, slowly but surely! We have been getting a lot of them in at my workplace and they have been going fast! I wear 2 inch split running shorts that are very short almost daily and I have never once had anyone talk to me or treat me any different as if I was wearing long pants. Short running shorts is what I’m the most comfortable in.


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