Fall is Here: A BodyAware Original Poem!

Fall is Here: A BodyAware Original Poem!

It's no surprise to anyone that we like to have fun at the office. I mean, we work with sexy pairs of underwear and pictures of models staring us in the face for 40+ hours a week: it'd be impossible not to have fun with that. So with Fall here, and Halloween beginning to rear its beautiful, spooky head, we thought it would be a fun idea to bring you an original poem about all things related to this time of the year. John, our wonderful shipping manager, wrote this delightful poem, and then we all brought the poem to life by reading it for a video!

This isn't your average poetry reading, though. We decided to bring our own creative spin into each of the distinct parts of the poem, which, in my opinion, makes this quite a joy to watch. 

We hope you enjoy this fun-filled Fall/Halloween poetry reading!

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