Face Masks

Face Masks

There is a new fashion statement sweeping the globe, as I am sure you’ve noticed.  Face masks.  

The other day I had to leave my home in New York and venture into a grocery store.  Everyone, there was wearing a face mask, and I can’t tell a lie, at first I found this disconcerting.  It struck me as a very stark reminder of how difficult and precarious these times in which we live.  I came around, however, and quickly found myself delighted to see so many people taking this time seriously and doing the necessary precautions, doing their civic responsibility.  

Once I relaxed a little, I started to observe more how people were wearing their masks.  I am sure we’ve all seen the videos online of people converting bras and jockstraps into face masks, but what I saw in the store was much more substantial and even a bit more fun.  There were people who coordinated the color of their masks with the rest of their clothing.  There were people using simple things like scarves or bandanas, and people with masks made from scraps of fabric found around their homes, like patchwork quilts.  I saw face masks with American flags and skulls adorning the front, and even more playful mask with a crocheted tongue sticking out of the mouth.  I have some artist friends in Southeast Asia who’ve made mas making into an art form.  After making playful choices with materials and designs, they go out onto the streets and give the masks away to those who don’t yet have them. 

And curiously enough, I’ve noticed several different underwear and lingerie designers getting into making masks.  This does feel a little reassuring to me if that doesn’t sound too odd, as these kinds of designers understand how to use good quality materials designed to fit comfortably over sensitive and curvy parts of the body.  I was delighted to see Body Aware among the ranks of these designers.  I’ve tried a couple of different masks now, and have come to the conclusion that I value comfort and quality the most, and know I can expect these things from Body Aware products.

Writing this, I’ve had a fun, new idea.  What if we coordinate our masks with our undies or lingerie?  Could this be the new quarantine kink?  It sounds like it could be kind of fun to me, so when I next shop for undies online I might see if I can match them with a face mask. ;)

Signing off for now!


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So glad you have masks! They are very comfortable! With the pandemic looking, I am hoping you release a few more stylish versions and not just black. A matching manty/mask combo pack would be nice!
EVERYONE: Just wear the mask! It will help us get through this!


Love your masks! High quality and fit nicely! As we appear to needing to wear them for an extended period of time, I was wondering if Body Aware has plans to make more in different colors/fabric/style?
I would be interested in buying them! (Especially if there was a matching set to your great “manties”


I like your thinking of coordinating masks!!
We ordered 3 from BodyAware, and are pleased with the fit, the construction and the value. Just as in all their products!
Thank you!


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