Brandyn Farrell

Brandyn Farrell
Brandyn Farrell, the latest addition to the ranks of Body Aware models, has got to be one of the nicest models I've worked with. Not only is he incredibly professional and talented (and attractive, let's be real) but he made the time go by so fast at the shoot, due to how much fun he was. I always love when the models we work with love to have fun with the shoots, and Brandyn, like most of the BodyAware models, is a fun and talented guy who makes our products look simply irresistible. Here's a little bit about this amazing model!                                                                                                  
Age: 27
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 165lbs
Eyes: Blue-green
Shoe size: 12
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Nationality: American loaded with Irish blood 
Favorite color: Black
Favorite food: lomo saltado from Peru
Favorite drink: Jameson 
Turn-ons: Ambition, intelligence, and humor
Best feature: My eyebrows? So I've heard
Favorite TV show: Sons of Anarchy or Peaky Blinders 
Favorite movie: Reservoir Dogs
Favorite book: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance 
Favorite music genre: Indie Psychedelic Rock
Favorite motto: Success happens when preparation meets opportunity 
Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving, for the grub
Emoji that best describes you: The "rock on" or peace hand emoji
Cats or dogs: dogs all day 
How did you first get into modeling?  
When I was 19 and bartending in AZ, I had a co worker who recommended that I submit to an agency. Following the submission, FORD in LA put me up in a spot in Cali and I had 4 test shoots in two days. After the test shoots, the agency saw the images, and next thing I know, they're offering me a contract.
Is modeling your main gig at the moment, or do you have any other endeavors that you’re going for?                                                                                                           
Right now my main gig is commercial acting and modeling, and I've been debating on possibly going back to school to earn my second degree.
Besides BodyAware, What is your dream modeling gig?
I would love to walk for Givenchy. 
What interests you most about modeling?
I would say the connections I make with all the amazing people I'm fortunate enough to work with.
What and/or who inspires you most as a model?
would say the freedom that comes with my "job" and the ability to create freely with others. 
Do you think there is a stigma against men wearing "skimpy" underwear? If so, why do you think the stigma is there?
I would definitely say there is a stigma, and to be honest, working with Body Aware was the first time I've ever modeled any type of underwear. As a man, I would say there's a stigma because, in society, were accustomed to seeing mainly women wear "skimpy' underwear or lingerie, so when a guy sees it on a man, they're just not normalized to it. 
How do you prepare for a photo shoot?
Depends on the gig, really. For example, for the Body Aware shoot, I had to watch my diet and be sure to maintain a certain physique through a variety of workouts.  

Do you manscape?                                                                                                          

Below the belt, usually. Anywhere else, usually I'm too lazy and just don't care to (haha). However, I do manscape for certain gigs, such as Body Aware.

How many times a week do you workout and what’s your favorite routine?

Usually about 4-5 days a  week and I usually bounce around on my favorites. Lately it's been a lot of bodyweight workouts, and I always love playing basketball.

What is your favorite style of underwear?    
Boxer briefs 
What do you like about BodyAware?  
The individuality and the quality of the material used in their products
What’s your favorite pair of BodyAware underwear?
I rocked the green ribbed briefs, and they were beyond comfy
What is your idea of a perfect date?
My lady and I riding our motorcycles up the coast to enjoy some seafood at Neptune's net in Malibu, and then relaxing and camping overnight on the beach with good whiskey and good food.                                                                                                     
If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you be stranded with and with what three items?                                                                                                       
My lady, Stacy
Survival book          
Your most embarrassing moment?  
I'm honestly not that easily embarrassed, but I'm sure there have been some drunk mishaps I wish I could take back (Haha)
Moment where you felt the most proud?  
Graduating from Arizona State and moving out here to LA
Where can we find you on the web?

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