It's Time to Embrace All Body Types

It's Time to Embrace All Body Types


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Let’s be real: everybody wants to feel sexy. If not sexy, they at least want to look in the mirror and appreciate what they see. That desire doesn’t discriminate, no matter what gender, race, sexual orientation, occupation…or body size you may be. That last one is what the world of fashion seems to neglect, quite often.


What’s sad about this fact is that society often doesn’t have much consideration for people of bigger sizes, since most of society does not consider being big as a distinction of beauty. Which, you know, is such a ridiculous way to look at it, anymore, considering beauty is not something that is only reserved for someone who has less fat on their body. Feeling good about your body shouldn’t be reserved for people who fit the mold. Personally, I’m all about breaking the mold, and I’ve always thought the best kinds of beauty are the kinds that defy what society says is acceptable.


The idea of being/feeling sexy doesn’t just limit itself to the clothes you wear; it also applies your underwear! People who are bigger deserve to have sexy underwear that flatters their body, rather than only reserving the skin-tight, revealing underwear to those who have “socially-acceptable” body sizes. If someone wants to wear a sexy thong, then gosh darn it, they should be able to wear a thong, even if they’re plus-size!


Here at BodyAware, we’re aware of this issue in the world of fashion, so we’re doing what we can to make everyone feel included by offering size 3XL in many of our popular styles! Here’s just a small sample of what we'll be offering (in select colors):



There will definitely be more styles coming in 3XL as time goes on, but these are what we will be having in stock, soonest.


We believe that everyone should be able to feel sexy in their skin, no matter what size they are. We want to create a shopping environment where you can still find something that flatters your figure, is comfortable, and is accessible. According to us, all body shapes and sizes are sexy, and people of all body types should be allowed to feel that way!


Let us know in the comments how you feel about society’s pressure to be skinny to feel beautiful! Have you felt that pressure before? What would you tell someone who might be feeling down about their body? Let’s create a nice, uplifting comment section that makes us all feel good about ourselves!

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Please can we have more use of men with mature shapes (dadbods) on the UK site? There was a very attractive chunkier man glimpsed recently but apparently he only models on the US site and can’t be seen in the UK. There are many customers who are more like him than the usual slim, ripped guy you use for all products.


So I have been requesting 3XL ever since you began dropping 3XL
I feel that Bodyaware has succumbed to the very thing they stated in the blog about the fashion world. Pretty sad as I would direct friends to your website. You were one of the very few that us larger individuals could get quality, sexy, comfortable underwear.


Understandably this blog post is 2 years old, but still interested in 3XL sized products. Satin thongs and tangas especially. I’ve checked out some of the links you had in this post, but saw nothing showing 3XL being available.


Yes please add bigger sizes to your tangas and thongs. I love wearing them and can’t find them in stores.


Thank you so much for opening up to larger sizes. I am a bigger man and also a disabled veteran in a wheelchair. Your products and styles really make me feel great about myself and I love how they look and feel. Thank you George

George gosline

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