Body Positive

Body Positive

I can’t tell a lie, I like to wear a good swim brief. I like the snug, shapely fit, and the feel of the fabric against my skin. I like both the look and the feel, and often think I project more confidence when I wear them. And yet when I go to the beach I wear the baggy swim shorts that everyone in the States expects me to wear. Why is that?!

There is lots of criticism about how women’s bodies are portrayed in the media and how this promotes negative feedback loops, shame, and issues with identity and body image. I think it is essential that we all recognize this and work for change. I also think, however, this is much more universal than we typically acknowledge in our culture, and body shaming is something many men experience as well. I don’t wear my swim briefs to the beach because I feel ashamed, and I am afraid that I will feel awkward and as though I am doing something wrong, that my body isn’t good enough for this kind of look. Unfortunately, I think women are taught that they need to look a certain way, and I think men are taught not to look a certain way. Women are taught to flaunt their bodies, while men are taught to hide them.

I am from a generation when in high school or college if a man was wearing something other than boxers, it would be assumed there was something essential wrong with him. Where did this come from? As a man, for so long I’ve been taught – by both my culture and my partners – that my body and all its curves and assets should be hidden. Women are taught to flaunt their curves but I need to hide mine? I don’t understand, and I think it took me years to overcome this stigma. And I think it is really my discovery of fine, high-quality, designer underwear for men that helped me make these changes within myself. I love wearing a thong and my satin panties from Body Aware, and I love talking about it and having people see me wearing these things too. Because they make me feel good, I have no doubt that boast in confidence translates to better connections with the people in my life.

As I’ve gotten more involved with social media, I’ve noticed a new trend – men using these platforms to promote a new kind of body awareness and positivity. I don’t know if you follow the Body Aware Instagram feed (@bodyawareunderwear), but if not I’d encourage you to do so. One of my favorite features of it is when they share pictures made by their customers flaunting themselves in Body Aware briefs and thongs. I like seeing normal people like me proudly showing themselves in cute little panties and undies, promoting a confident and true sense of themselves, with pride in their bodies. Indeed, I’d like to encourage more of you to share your pictures with @bodyawareunderwear, and help support a growing movement of men who love undies and swimwear and proudly sharing this with the world. All of us have beautiful bodies and speaking for myself, really discovering fine underwear and swimwear has done so much for myself image and personal confidence. I have a much better feeling for my body since I gave up so many of these hang-ups and gave in to my love of satin briefs and skimpy thongs. I can also say embracing myself this way has paved the way for a much healthier and supportive connection with my partner. Let’s promote pride in male bodies and a body-positive approach to how we dress and interact. Body positivity, words worth repeating, and an idea I want to see more us advocate. I’ll finish by offering a promise, this summer I will wear one of my swim briefs to the beach – and do so without shame – and I’ll report back with another post about that later ;)

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Very interesting comments – I fully agree men should be allowed to wear sexier clothing they can relax and feel good in – maybe though I have gone to the opposite angle – I love men’s leggings wear them with or without shorts – I garden and walk in them and find comfortable and practical – maybe I should try these beautiful clothing items too – although I’m attracted to the new bodysuits – there is also the important factor of well being and confidence clothes can introduce which helps in daily life. I look back in horror at the frumpy clothes of yesteryear, maybe helps encourage for me anyway a heathier body image and encourages a greater level of fitness – a tonic maybe against obesity. I garden for my clients in leggings without objections – I wonder about wearing thongs though ! One gentleman mentioned naturist – now that’s a nice idea but will I ever be confident enough ? We need to be comfortable within our bodies and enjoy them too, it’s healthy and natural.


I think what needs to happen is that more men need to have the confidence to wear bikinis, have fun, and also be seriously adamant about wearing them. As men, We also need to take the wearing of these items more seriously by not mocking or fashion not wearing a ridiculous looking novelty items.
That means correcting your silly friends when they mock people who do wear bikinis and thongs. And also supporting the women too.


I typically reserve the shorter, tighter swimsuits for when I travel for work. They take up less space in the suitcase and allow me to flaunt a little bit more with a bit more confidence since I don’t really know anybody at the hotel pool or hot tub. The Patriot Trunk is a favorite but recently I have tried the Rip Stop material, despite is being kind of see through. I have received a lot of compliments on the Patriot Trunk and a few intriguing looks with eh Rip Stop. We should all be proud of our bodies, men and women alike, and celebrate our beauty outside and in. I am developing the confidence to wear them around my hometown beach but I may keep my kinky swim side to the work travel!


Great topic.

I have often wondered why men had to be ashamed of their bodies. Covered up – for what? Why? You are who you are.
I cast off the dork shorts ten years ago while working overseas and I haven’t looked back. Bikinis and thongs are my go to. Quick drying, flattering and great tan lines. My wife loves me in them – she likes a confident guy. I’ve noted more tolerance on California, Florida and Hawaii for non-dork wear. There is still a stigma, but – hey – I’m not the one wearing wet pantaloons on the beach. Keep calm…thong on.


Great topic that compelled me to respond, Brian. I’m a 45-year old triathlete with an athletic build but definitely not the perceived body shape people would think. I only wear swim briefs to the beach or pool and haven’t worn hideous board shorts in over 10 years. I don’t plan to ever again as they are not practical attire. Briefs make beach activity much easier and better tan lines.

I have found that the awkwardness has lessened over the years and that it mainly was between my ears. My wife warmed up to it too and now appreciates the fact that I’m that confident enough to wear what I want and take care of myself.

I get complimented by men and women often and I haven’t ever heard anything negative said directly to me. If there was an issue, it’s on their end and they probably moved on. This means more beach for me and even better social distancing. Right?

Be happy, wear what you want!😃


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