Behind the Scenes of our Swimwear Lookbook!

Behind the Scenes of our Swimwear Lookbook!

Out of my several months of working at Bodyaware, our swim shoot had to have been the most exciting one, for me. It was harder to keep the cool summer vibes happening when Spring hadn't even sprung yet, but we managed to have a grand time splashing in the pool and watching the models be dorks in their swimsuits. The water was quite cold, so seeing them trying to brave the water for the sake of beautiful photography was a fun time. I figured that so much would be happening at this shoot, that I would have to film a behind-the-scenes video for it. The models were being adorable, the photographer was doing an excellent job of keeping them motivated, and there I was, capturing it all to show the world. 

So without further ado, here it is! Hope you enjoy it!


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