Behind the Scenes: Lynx Lake Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes: Lynx Lake Photoshoot

6:00am. Coffee in hand. Tank full of gas. Today is the day. Photoshoot Day!

I'm Amy and the new Design Associate for BodyAware Underwear in Scottsdale, Arizona. Part of my job is to assist in photoshoots and capture any behind the scenes for social media. This blog consist of the real behind the scenes during our recent editorial shoot at Lynx Lake in Prescott, Arizona.

To make an easier commute for myself, I had to drive alone for an hour and half which went by pretty quickly and smoothly. Arriving, I was greeted by warm smiles from Tess, our Design and Production Manager, Kristina, the CEO of BodyAware; Michael, our model; and Mr. Chipmunk…

Mr. Chipmunk was perched happily in his home at the Lynx Lake Cafe where everyone met up. Once Anna, our Design Associate/Creative Director; and Crystal, our photographer, arrived we were off for an adventure.

Being a newbie at the company, this editorial photoshoot was my first. It was exciting to see how the day would go. It was such a beautiful day and the scenery was captivating.

Nature seemed to welcome us comfortably as we arrived to the first spot to start shooting. We were able to create a “clothing rack” for our underwear and had a little make shift tent for Michael to change in. The weather was average in temperature compared to the  scorching and melting heat we have come to know in Arizona.

Once we were able to get the shot from the first location we moved on to the second spot. Now, being as this was a public lake, there were a few “nature enthusiasts” that would pass by. The best part of this was that all of the individuals that would pass by us were elderly. Of course, to respect others and the national park we had to hide Michael from view. One woman that passed by caught a glimpse of Michael in the Satin Mini Tanga and looked more than pleased.

Moving on to the third spot, we realized how much mosquitos loved us that day. To think that no one in our group had the most important necessity when going out to forest territory, a bug repellent spray. Luckily, the national park sold bug repellent bracelets that smelled like lemony goodness. They worked too!

Before it hit midday we were able to capture some amazing shots of Michael in bodysuits and in our satin items. We packed our things and headed to the Love Shack, a home advertised on AirBnB decorated perfectly for some shots in our Skye underwear collection.

We arrived to the Love Shack and immediately got to eat lunch. The sun really drained us and we were all starving. The Love Shack was literally the perfect place for a romantic hideaway and the perfect place to shoot Michael in underwear. The owners of the Love Shack were friendly and even let us take some shots with their dog.

3:00 pm came around and I was ready to go back home. The following day, I went straight into edit mode. Editing all the photos that were going to be used for our email blasts and homepage.

My experience at my first ever photoshoot went really well. I'm excited to go on more adventures with the BodyAware team.

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Thank you, I had so much fun! Im definitely digging the idea of having a feedback page for new design suggestions. We don’t have one right now but we can possibly think of putting a page up in the future. We appreciate your feedback!


I got to say that our photographer, Crystal Maldonado; took a lot of amazing shots that day. However, my favorites include our model, Michael in the Satin Mini Tanga hanging by the tree captivating the essence of Tarzan and the shot where Michael was wearing our Transparent Rip Stop Brief and rain boots in the water. Also, the picture where Michael is holding the puppy wearing the SKYE brief is too cute not to like.


Do you have a favorite image from your first shoot?


Amy, glad your first outing went well. As a designer wish you had a feedback page for suggestions about designed I’d like to see. Maybe you do though, I never noticed you had a blog until today. Read several posts, very interesting.


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