Behind Bodyaware: Georgina!

Behind Bodyaware: Georgina!

Bodyaware would be nowhere without the ladies in the warehouse who put forth all that hard work to make all of our beautiful products. Something that starts as an idea in our designer's head would only be a digital printout if it weren't for the seamstresses! All of the sewing magic has to start somewhere, and the lovely lady who gets the ball rolling with that is our Cutter, Georgina! Here's what a typical day in her position looks like.

First, she lays a sheet of paper down and tapes it to the table, providing a better surface for laying down the fabrics. 



Then, after reading the marker (essentially, the template for the design) she lays the fabric over it accordingly in order to create the right shape during the cutting process.



After the fabric is laid out, she clamps another marker to the top of the fabric, and also puts across most of the fabric, both to ensure that it stays steady while she cuts the fabric. 



Then, after it's all set up, she cuts the fabric with that precise cutter into the correct patterns so it looks absolutely perfect for sewing!


Someone's got to do all that cutting, and we're so happy that we have Georgina who does it so flawlessly! Everyone ought to have a Georgina around to help them with all of their fabric cutting needs. She's fantastic! 

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Why are you no longer carrying larger sizes. It seems that everything stops at 2X.

We larger guys would like to have something nice and comfortable to wear. Can you at least bring back 3X sizes?


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