Are You an Underwear Addict?

Hi, my name is Ron and I'm an underwear addict.  

It all started when I got divorced. I was feeling pretty low about myself. I decided to get myself into better shape and to work on feeling better about myself. I started working out and as I started to look better, I started to feel better about myself. I decided that I wanted to get a thong to show off my now rounder butt, at least around the house.

I went to the big box stores and, surprisingly, they didn't have thongs for men. I thought about buying women's panties but I decided that if I was going to go that route I was going all out.

I hit one of the ubiquitous lingerie stores at the local mall. To my great surprise they had sexy MEN'S underwear!! I bought a few and couldn't wait to get home and try them on. I loved the look and feel but they weren't exactly what I wanted. I had this idea in my head of the perfect pair of men's undies. I kept thinking of a thong that looked sprayed on. I figured if such a set of undies existed I would most likely find them on the web.

 A quick google search and I was on the BodyAware site. Now THIS was more like it! Tons of different styles, amazing colors and all different types of materials. After scrolling through a few pages I found it!  The Jet thong. Semi sheer lace, minimal coverage and it looked like it was sprayed on! I ordered one and could not wait for it to come in. I am on the east coast and BodyAware ships from Arizona. It only took two days for my package to arrive. 

I tried them on and couldn't believe the fit! I felt so darn sexy!!! I liked the look so much I did something I've never done before and that was take a few selfies wearing my new undies. The next day I wore them to work under my regular work attire (dockers type pants and a polo type shirt.) It was an incredibly sexy feeling. If only the other folks in the office knew what I had on! 

From that day on I was a convert. All my tighty whites went in the trash. No more boring underwear for me. I've been a customer of BodyAware for well over ten years now. Probably more like 15. I love the feeling of having something sexy on under my clothes. But what about if you go to the doctor or someone sees them in the locker room you may ask? Well that's a subject for another article.


Felt healthy to read this comments, I also will admit to loving these undies…just something I enjoy, that’s enough for me.

Ken September 10, 2023

Ive been obsessed with satin and nylon panties since i was 11 im 48 now.

Jonathon June 07, 2021

I am an extreme underwear attic. I order some new ones every week I have way too many so constantly purging. My go to are micro thongs & g-strings. The sheerer the better. I ordered about 30 new thongs on line this past 6 months. Mostly in prints. Really in to the prints right now. Also about 10 rocket g-strings very tiny and comfy. Can’t wait for summer so i can wear them in public.

Ken March 02, 2021

As a child of the 50’s, mom dressed me in Munsingerwear full rise undies. In jr hi, we were required to wear jockstrap for PE – hated the class but loved wearing my jock. I saw guys wearing FTL & Hanes. At a sleepover, a friend let me wear his Hanes – they were wonderful. College – 1972 ALL my clothes were stolen at a laundromat. I found Jockey Skants @ a Dept Store – & Bravo nylon briefs & string bikinis. From that time on, I avidly shopped for underwear. Jockey low rise briefs became a favorite. Even at age 65, I shop for underwear -

Mike February 24, 2020

I have an underwear addiction ever since I was in my early teens. I remember seeing all of the men’s fashion underwear in the department store circulars. Once I had my driver’s license, I went to these department stores and browsed through what seemed like an endless supply of men’s bikini underwear in various prints and materials. Fast forward 30 years and I still have this underwear fetish that has expanded into men’s bikini swimwear and women’s panties. The cost of men’s underwear was getting higher and higher for the styles that I desired, so I decided to give panties a try seeing as they were much cheaper. Now I have over 100 pairs of panties and my wife occasionally buys some for me, but doesn’t care for the super girly ones. It’s almost like I browse underwear/swimwear every morning and I just can’t seem to stop. I want to stop….I think. The only problem I see is the money that I spend on underwear, but they do make me happy. I guess there are worse things I could be doing.

Jim October 24, 2019

Well i know im an underwear addict, not sure if there is any therapy for us underwear addicts. My addiction started when i was in my late 20s thats when many differnt types were out there and with Victoria Secrets 7 for 28 and now 10 for 35 its out of control. I have underwear since the 90s jaja! I do throw them away i do have a stash for working out/outside, some in my trunk so if it rains or i need a change of clothes, i would say i have 5 drawers full, color coded, style, and about 400+ pairs not sure but whos counting. At least ill be prepared for a hurricane and have plenty for any kind of disaster jajaja!

Stephi October 20, 2019

I’ve been wearing string bikini panties since I was a teen. I’m totally in Love with Satin and Silk String Bikinis. The soft caressing touch up front along with the way they hold on to my butt is incredibly sexy. The movement of a well fitting string bikini under my favorite tight jeans is highly enjoyable.

Erik August 17, 2019

Hi my name is josh and ive been wearing mens n womens undies for years and it all started for me at the age of 6 im 25 now…. my next door neighbor had washed her laundry and set them out to dry except for her thongs n panties she put them in a small corner. Well a black n purple cotton thong with a pretty purple bow on the front and back caught my eye. I took them and ran straight home to put them on and after that ive been hooked. Now i got all types of undies men and womens from thongs, cheeky, (string)bikini ,briefs, low rise ,g strings. Etc……

Josh December 06, 2018

Wearing women’s panties started when I saw how sexy they looked on my wife. So I secretly started wearing hers (which she is not crazy about). She knows I do, she just don’t like it. So I slowly transitioned to mens that look and feel like womens. Boy shorts, bikinis, string bikinis in girl colors, light blue, pink, cream ,etc. I really like wearing the pink ones when I’m wearing my low cut jeans, just enough where the top shows from the back.I like them, but hers are my preference. It’s just something about women’s panties (hers) that I really love on my body. But when it’s just us at home, especially in the morning, I like running around in my (guy) panties and a long t shirt.

HP May 28, 2018

I’m more into silk/satin. Anything silky smooth gets my attention. I started to wear underwear from a very young age, as my package was still small, my mom bought me briefs that didn’t have room for my package, and it was stretchy, so I fit well in that. But when I was big enough, and my mom told me to buy my own underwear, I had a hard tome choosing what to wear. I hate the stitching in the front of men’s underwear. I needed a smooth place to put my dong in. All men’s undies seemed baggy and ugly and dull-colored. As I liked something sleek, smooth, colorful and sexy, I took my time and browsed around the mall. What I ended up buying is a couple of briefs, I suspect those were for girls, abut I bought them anyway, because I liked them. The first time my mom saw those are in the drying are and told me “wtf are these? why are you wearing girls panties?” I said “Oh, I couldn’t spot the difference, nxt time i’ll be careful”. But I liked them so much that I ended up buying a dozen of them the next time. And some silky ones after that :P . But, I’m too shy to show them around, but I am In love with undies. I have more than 50 pairs of panties and briefs combined. It takes up a whole 10kg machine to wash them. _. I love my undies.

LEO May 26, 2018

Hey I’m an underwear (and swimwear!) addict too! Search all over the web for hot stuff, Body Aware being one of my favs. Thongs, tangas are my most sought after. Latest craze are cheeky briefs for both underwear and swimwear. Love the feel of half or 3/4 butt thru my pants or knowing it’s out there barely legal when at the beach.

Cd May 25, 2018

Another underwear addict here. Life’s too short to wear boring underwear! I got into skimpy bikinis in high school, then thongs in college. I don’t worry about whether someone sees my underwear when I am in the locker room or what I wear to the doctor.

Steven May 24, 2018

I started about the age of 6 years old when a girl next door offered to trade my ordinary white jockey briefs for her blue satin bikini briefs with string sides,
As so as I got back home and we had swapped I put on the new briefs and I was stuck forever in girls satin and lace bikini briefs and still wear them all these years later.
I found out from a mutual friend that she was a lesbian and I told him to tell her that I am 100% gay.

Kym Eve May 23, 2018

Same here. Got well over 60 pairs of underwear and about 15 swimsuits. Love to wear them everywhere and I thought I was the only wierd non gay that likes sexy undies. Mens and women’s. Good to know I’m not alone. My favorites are tanga.

Aj May 19, 2018

Me too!
Love sexy underwear womens or mens i love this site and xdress
Now I ask if these are men’s lingerie, am I crossdressing?
Well i think not

Steff May 18, 2018

Another addict here. Sixty pairs in my bottom drawer, perhaps more. Anything with minimal coverage. Almost exclusively thongs, cheeky bikinis/trunks. In early 2000’s I wore my first thong and never went back to the white briefs. For work, gym, beach, sleep, and lounge I wear skimpy undies. Now in my early 40’s and in better shape than ever more pairs will be coming.

RT May 16, 2018

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