A Cozy Winter's Night

A Cozy Winter's Night

Temperatures have dropped, and we’re all looking for ways to warm up despite the cold temperatures taking over. We reach for the pajama pants, the soft blankets, and our favorite hot drinks to keep us warm. Aside from these winter staples, there are so many clothing items out there that you can make use of for those frigid winter months. Thankfully, here at BodyAware, we have plenty of designs that could keep you cozy, whether it’s warm design, or a design that’s just plain comfortable!




It’s undeniable that getting wrapped in our V Neck Ribbed Bodysuit would be one of the ultimate ways to stay cozy in these chilly times. Not only is it incredibly comfortable, but having it wrap around your body would be the perfect way to stay warm while lounging around the house! You could throw some pajama pants over this, or just keep the legs warm with your favorite blanket, since the top part of your body would be all set.



For luxurious comfort, our Smooth Satin Robe the best way to go, obviously. Picture it: this robe, a cup of hot tea/coffee/tea/whatever floats your boat, all while leaning back in your favorite spot in the house. You’re instantly feeling that warm, cozy feeling on the inside, right? I know I am! This would be the perfect thing to wear just after toweling off when you’re done with your shower, or after a long day at work when you want to just slip into something cozy. Honestly, it’s perfect for any occasion that requires relaxation.



Bringin’ this one back, because I mean, just look at it! That plush fabric and those adorable sock monkeys? You wouldn’t be able to get enough of it! The inside is so smooth and comfortable, and the soft, blanket-like outside is so warm, that you’ll probably never want to take them off. I mean, you definitely should, though. Because, you know…it gets kind of dirty.



If you haven’t hopped on the leggings train yet, our Space Grunge Leggings would be perfect pair to start with! Though they’re very form-fitting, they’re incredibly soft, and they keep those legs insulated. Not only are they comfy, but they’re pretty fashion-forward, so if you wanted to throw on a t-shirt and some comfy shoes with these leggings to go grab yourself something from the local coffee shop, you definitely could!



What’s your go-to item for staying cozy over the winter? Let us know in the comments!

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