6 Tips for the Perfect Underwear Selfie

6 Tips for the Perfect Underwear Selfie

Getting new underwear is one of those things that get you all sorts of giddy. You open up that packaging, feel that soft fabric in your hands, and immediately want to slip it on. Once it’s on, you might head over to the nearest mirror to start reveling in how good they look on you. Nowadays, that means only one thing could possibly come up next: selfie time.


Taking a selfie has become quite the art style in its own. There’s so much that can influence whether or not a selfie will be a “good” selfie, or a “bad” selfie. Believe me, it can get very overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are a few easy steps that can make any selfie a good selfie. Here are some simple rules to follow when it comes to taking some selfies in your underwear.


1. Angles, Angles, Angles!



Kind of like “location location location” is a mantra people use in real estate, “angles, angles, angles” should be your mantra for taking quality selfies. Figure out which angle will show your underwear best. This may take a bit of trial and error with actually snapping the picture, but once you find that perfect angle, your underwear selfie will be the hottest one on the web.


2. Find Your Lighting


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This is equally as important as finding a good angle. Without good lighting, your selfie will turn out grainy and gross. Trust me, I've made myself the victim of this. If you’re in your bedroom, turn on as many lights as possible. If it’s still not bright enough, try standing near the light source, but not too close, or else it’ll be TOO bright. If it’s sunny outside, go out on your back patio or porch to snap a gorgeous photo with that beautiful natural lighting. If all else fails, your bathroom will prove to be very useful. (Just make sure it’s clean, in there!) You want to be sure you catch the best of the colors in your underwear, which definitely will not happen in a dimly-lit room.


3. Clean those mirrors!


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If you’re going to take a mirror selfie (which is totally fine, despite what others might say) just make sure it’s clean. Like, seriously. Come on. It’s not hard. A quick squirt of some glass cleaner and a paper towel will do wonders.


4. Give yourself options


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One angle might be just as good as another, and one pose might look just as sexy as another. Try taking a few different selfies, and change up the poses and angles to see what looks best for you. It could mean blowing up your phone with 20+ pictures of you in the same pair of underwear, but hey, it’s gotta be the perfect selfie, right?


5. Try a Hands-Free Selfie


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Give that camera timer a try! This will really help you vary up the poses that you can do, as you don’t have one of your hands taken up by holding your phone/camera. This can help you get a full-body shot if you’re wanting to show how you look from head to toe in the underwear. It may take a bit longer to snap that perfect hands-free pose, since you have to keep waiting for the timer every time you want to re-try it, but it will definitely be worth it once you get that perfect photo!


6. Be You!


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It becomes incredibly obvious when you’re trying to pose in a way that doesn’t naturally show your personality. Pick poses that feel comfortable to you, and don’t feel like you have to do anything more than that. If you don’t feel like the typical “underwear model,” then there’s no need to force yourself into the typical underwear model poses to show of your underwear. Just put your own, unique pizzaz into the photo, and that’s what’ll make it a winner.


We love underwear selfies so much (obviously), especially when people share pictures in their BodyAware underwear! If you ever share a picture of you in a pair of BodyAware on Twitter or Instagram, be sure to use the hashtag #bodyawareunderwear so we can see it, and possibly even share it to our page!


Do you take selfies often? Would you consider yourself a selfie novice or an expert? Let us know in the comments!

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