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It's mid-summer, and you know what that means out here at BodyAware HQ: 110 degree Arizona heat. While the scorching temperatures don't exactly lend themselves to a pleasant outdoor jog, we don't want to forfeit our daily workout just because of a few blistering rays. My answer? Indoor yoga! Luckily for me, BodyAware carries a nice selection of activewear products, perfect for my regular yoga routine. Ever the opportunist, I decided to give them a go. Read on for my three favorites. 

1. YogaAware Jockstrap (D048)

I'm a picky guy when it comes to jocks. My problems are twofold: A, the waist elastic and back straps often chafe after repeated movement, and B, they can begin to feel overly constrictive after a few minutes of wear. So, it was with cautious optimism that I pulled on the YogaAware Jockstrap and settled into my best Downward Dog. Happily, after an hour of stretching, I realized this ain't a regular jock! The material is both strong and adaptable, so it held me snugly in place without feeling too tight or uncomfortable. It's also exceptionally smooth and soft, which created a nice silky feeling against my skin. My favorite feature, though, is the seamless front. Not only does this mean no elastic waistband - i.e. no chafing, and no waist-pinching sensation that tells me I overdid it on the peanut butter cups - but it forms a very sleek, flat look that is perfect for the easy movement of yoga.

2. Freestyle YogaAware Short (Y042)

I'll admit I had no idea what "wicking" meant when I grabbed a pair of the YogaAware Shorts for my little experiment, but after spending a few workouts wearing them, call me a convert. The fabric absorbs moisture away from the skin - so instead of feeling like a sticky, sweaty mess during my yoga routine, I felt much cooler and dryer than I do in my regular briefs. Initially, I wondered if the tight fit of the YogaAware shorts might be restrictive, but I actually found the extra support to be extraordinarily comfortable. The unique pouch fit me perfectly, and it eliminated the need to frequently interrupt my workout to adjust myself. Plus, the fabric is breathable enough that no harm can come from some well-designed, tight-fitting shorts! Maybe I'll even brave the heat and try these outside.

3. YogaAware Bodysuit (Q040)

I'm always on the prowl for yoga attire that's adaptable, breathable, and nice to look at. Having never before worn a bodysuit during a workout, I was curious to see how it felt during some pretty intense stretching. What can I say, guys? I looked damn good. The YogaAware Bodysuit ticks all my boxes. Just like the YogaAware Short, it features the same moisture wicking fabric that kept me cool and dry during my routine. The design is classic, simplistic, supportive, and flattering. I tried it on both by itself and with a pair of running shorts on top, and it felt fantastic either way - almost like I was wearing nothing at all. I'll be honest; I ended up wearing this bodysuit around the house more than a few times with no intention of working out. How could I resist?

So, there you have it:  BodyAware's activewear is very friendly to the aspiring yogi. Any suggestions on other styles I should try to bring my workout to the next level? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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I love the shape of that guys body leaning back wearing the blue leotard! Thin legs + nice bulge = a fun party every time!

Mason August 26, 2018

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