2019 Bucket List

2019 Bucket List

As I sit and write this, it is Christmas day. My partner and I had a lovely day with family and we have the tree lit and are watching a “Christmas Story” on TV.

If you’ve never seen it, the story revolves around a young boy’s desire for a Red Ryder BB gun. It is the one thing he wants for Christmas and his father makes sure that Santa delivers.  It’s a touching tale of making someone else’s dream come true.

With that thought in mind I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the folks at Body Aware for allowing me to write for them this year. Getting paid to do something you enjoy, truly is a dream come true. 


But what of the new year? 2019 is a week away and as I consider the upcoming year I am not so much thinking of resolutions as I am of my bucket list. A few things on my list include:  

Sky diving.

Why I have the urge to jump out of a perfectly operational aircraft is beyond me. It looks exciting though and I really want to try it.

Drag racing.

I’ve owned muscle cars most of my life but have yet to take one down the 1320 feet of a drag strip. Musclecars were built to go fast in a straight line. Seeing how fast I can get my junk down the quarter mile is definitely on my list.


I love experiencing new places and seeing new things. Sometimes the journey to the destination can be an experience in itself.

There are other items on my list but I plan on crossing one of the three I mentioned off in 2019!

What about you?

What is on your bucket list?

Don’t let another year come and go without doing something for yourself. You can do something  as simple as buying that pair of undies you have been eyeing on our site or you can push the envelope and take that leap out of that plane.

Whatever your plans for the new year we want to thank you for your business in 2018 and wish you a very happy, prosperous New year.

Here’s to taking the leap in 2019!


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