2017 Is Gone… Thongs For The Memories

2017 Is Gone… Thongs For The Memories

Happy 2018 my friends!!! Another year has come and gone and now we are into a new year filled with endless possibilities and endless options for Body Aware Underwear. This year, if you haven’t already. I urge you to try a thong from Body Aware. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

So you might be saying to yourself do men actually wear thongs? The answer to that is we have throughout history, but a lot of the times they had different names. For many centuries in Africa a loin cloth version of a thong was worn by many tribes to keep the male genitals protected. In Japan the Fundoshi was worn by males and up to the Second World War was the popular choice for Japanese males. It wasn’t’ until 1939 that women really started wearing thongs (shocking I know) when the then mayor of New York City, Fiorello LaGuardia ordered them to be worn by female nude dancers. These are just a couple historical account of thongs. However, there have been many more throughout history.



So now that I have your interest let’s talk about some of the options for thongs that Body Aware offers and I will share with you some of my favorites. First and probably the most fun thong I would recommend is the Glow in the Dark Thong. With its fun colors, comfortable fit and surprise when the lights go out it’s a great choice.


Now probably my favorites as far as comfort to wear and feeling while one would have to go to the Glistening Satin G-String, the Invisible Strut Thong and the Satin Corkscrew Thong (my spouse’s favorite to have me wear).


Who am I kidding though, I love all of the Body Aware thongs and if I could I would wear them every day of the week. If you currently wear any Body Aware thongs (I know a lot of you do) would you mind sharing with me and your friends here what are your favorite ones are and why?



This year we need to as modern men break through the stereotype that we aren’t supposed to wear thongs. We have throughout history and I think we should continue to do so. We deserve to enjoy our underwear and enjoy feeling sexy for ourselves and our partners. Sure I will admit I was a little nervous at first wearing a thong out in public, but as long as you are wearing properly fitting pants it won’t show unless you want it to ;). Try wearing one once and I guarantee you that it won’t be the last time.



So my friends I just want to say Happy 2018 and let’s bring on the thongs. Remember to please share your favorite Body Aware thongs. I am really interested in knowing what are your faves!


Stay sexy,

BA Blogger

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Been wearing thongs for five years. I love how they look and how they feel on my body ( 6′ × 150# ). I wear them every day and for all occasions. The BA thongs I wear are fairly conservative. Sadly, I am one of those guys whose wife is rather disapproving, but I just ignore her disapproval…even when she jokingly calls them my “panties”. I always tell her it is a personal preference and leave it at that . It works.


I started eearing thongs full time about 2 years ago. I have always loved them but was worried about societies view on men and thongs. I grew up in a household where men wear jeans and boxers. That all changed when my new gf bought me one as a joke gift but was surprised when it became my new favorite underwear. I worried she may find it feminine but said your underwear makes no difference. I have about 100 now including 4 thonkini swimsuits. I have wore them in Mexico and Hawaii. If you havent tried them you are missing out. So supportive and comfy. Also don’t forget incredibly sexy. Im 44 and in pretty good shape. Try em out you will be surprised.


I’m a straight male, and have worn thongs for years. My late wife (god rest her soul) bought me my first pair of thongs back in the 90’s, along with my first thong bodysuit. I now own several of your men’s thong bodysuits and I have several thongs from different mfg’s.
I love the protruder pouch style thongs (a good shave is a must). I’d love to see a protruder pouch style with a slightly higher rise in the waistband, or a narrow (skimpy style) thong with a tad more space in the pouch. I’m 6’3" @ 150 (very slender). I wear spandex/lycra thongs daily (like my thongs to be snug and supporting) and I’m always looking for a better fitting or new style thong.
Glad I found your site.
Keep up the great work.
Happy New Year.


For more than 15 years I’ve been wearing thongs and cheeky underwear/swimwear. Now in my early 40’s and in better shape than any time before I wear them almost exclusively for work, home, and my favorite places that are the beach and gym. Makes me feel sexy and confident (especially at the gym). Always has been a concern that someone, for some reason, notices the outline of my underwear or see them while * change in the locker room but learning not to care. Will keep wearing them in 2018.


I absolutely love to wear thongs anywhere and everyday. I love the way they feel and look on me. I am 39 and 6’1 185 and work out almost daily. Also what really makes them look good is I shave my full body head to toe and I think that sets the thong off on a nicely smooth butt. I probably have 200 pair of thongs and been wearing them for over 15 years. My favorite that yaw make is the g string . Just bought the glistening and the glow in dark g string and they are awesome. I love to go beach in thong but sadly I am one of few straight men that is brave enough to do it . My wife occasionally will wear with me in seclusion

Justin Black

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