4 Bodyaware Undies for Spring!

Spring is among us, and you know what that means! Time to put some Spring in your undie drawer! Whether your collection of underwear is more on the neutral side, or if you’re just looking to grow your collection, finding some that fit the spring fashion trends could be a fun way to spruce up your underwear styles! Here are few styles we have that would be great for adding some spring flair to your underwear drawer.


Our Italian Gee or Tanga would be perfect for adding more Spring to your collection, especially since they come in such nice, vibrant colors. They’re very similar in style, except the gee shows a little bit more of that junk in your trunk! If you’re missing some bright colors in your drawer, these styles would definitely be the way to go.


For simplicity and comfort with a little bit of a sexy edge, the Soft Rayon Cheeky Brief would be perfect! The blue color would be a perfect one for Spring, and the soft, airy feel of the underwear would be perfect now that it’s warmer, outside! 


Well of course we had to throw a floral print, in there! The Spring Swing Brief would definitely perk up your underwear drawer by adding a nice, floral flair. You might not have ever thought about adding some floral patterns to your undie collection, but it’s always worth a try, right? You never know who it could impress!


Why not try a more unique type of underwear material, this Spring? I talk about this pair of underwear often because I think the idea of incorporating that little accent of lace is a great idea! The Lucky Lace Brief in green would add a slight feminine edge to your underwear drawer, and the bright green color would be a great way to add a pop of color.

There are so many ways to add some Spring flair to your underwear drawer! It’s all about finding the right styles and patterns that fit with the season. If you’re finding that your undie drawer is lacking a bit of color, taking advantage of those Spring styles would be the best way to spruce it up.

Do you have a pair of Spring underwear that you enjoy wearing? What kind would you get if you don’t have any, yet? Leave a comment down below! 

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