Bodyaware at Phoenix Pride!

Bodyaware at Phoenix Pride!
(Rainbow banners made by our wonderful production assistant, Kat!)


For those who follow us on Instagram and Twitter, you probably saw a few weekends ago that we were at the Phoenix Pride Festival! It was such a great opportunity for us to see other local businesses that support the LGBT community, as well as participate in more events to get our name out there. Though it was a long, hot, and greasy weekend (we were covered in sunscreen all day), it was definitely one of my favorite things I got to do during my time at Bodyaware. 


I’ve been to Phoenix Pride a few times before, but I had never gone as an exhibitor. And just to amp up that whole “new experiences” vibe, we were placed in a section of the festival called “Erotic World” because of our cock rings and our risqué undies that we were selling. I only spent like, a hot second in Erotic World the last time I went to Pride, so getting to be immersed in it for 8 hours each day was quite the time. There was an adult shop (appropriately titled The Adult Shoppe) across the way from us, a shop called It's the Bom Bomb selling penis and vagina shaped soaps (which smelled quite nice), a booth showcasing a sex harness, a booth that demonstrated tons of BDSM related fun times, and then us! Lots of sexy stuff happening. 

(Some beautiful sights at Erotic World!)


Erotic World was a fascinating part of the festival, and a lot more relaxed than I thought it would be. Due to my few semesters of sexuality classes in college, I’m pretty unfazed to a lot of aspects of sexuality, so I wasn’t sure if that was the reason why I wasn’t gasping and reacting as strongly to the flogging that was happening right in front of me. There was also a large tent next to us doing demos of some BDSM, as well as some fun cabaret shows by Dick's Cabaret (it was also air conditioned. Best seat in the house? Obviously!) It was nice to be in a section of the festival that treated sex so naturally and didn’t make a big deal about what they saw. Well, I mean, except for the 14-inch dildo that we had. Everyone made a big deal about that. It was a 14-inch dildo! Of course you’d make a big deal about it. It was a big deal, if you know what I mean. 


(Cory and Jacob being cute with the attendees of Pride!)


Our models were there for a few hours each day, as well! Lots of people got pictures with them and their abs, because when you see people who are next-level beautiful, your presence with them has to be documented. They also helped us by handing out our cards that promoted our brand, and occasionally, wrangled some people in to buy some of our products. Surprisingly, pretty people make it easier to sell things. Who would have thought? But despite the beauty of our models, no one got more pictures with people than the hottest mannequin himself, Carlos. If there are any single mannequins out there, (or mannequin lovers? Is that weird?) Carlos could be your guy! Just be careful with him, because his penis could get unscrewed.


(Carlos was quite the popular guy!)


Working at the booth with Bodyaware as opposed to going to the festival as an attendee made it much easier to communicate with people! I always found it hard to just start talking to people I didn’t know when I would go the other times, but being at the Bodyaware booth gave me a reason to start up conversations with any of the people at the festival. It felt great to be able to represent a company, as well as have a reason to feel a little less anxious while in these social situations. Bodyaware is great for us introverts!


Despite the sweat, the 8 hours each day of being on my feet, and the feeling of being baked alive, going to Pride with Bodyaware was outstanding. Would I do it again? Absolutely! Would I wear some shoes that wouldn’t hurt my feet as much even though I’d be sacrificing some style? Begrudgingly, yes. Would I spend some more time in the air-conditioned tent so I wouldn’t look so sweaty and gross for all of the hot guys walking by the booth? Obviously!


Have you ever gone to a Pride festival? Let us know what you thought of the experience in the comments! 


We also filmed a video documenting the experience we had at Phoenix Pride! Enjoy the sight of the festival from our booth of endless fun. 


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