Have you ever heard the expression: You’re born naked, the rest is drag. Makes sense, right? You’re born naked and the rest is well…dress up. And we Americans love to dress up whether for function or for fashion. We spend billions of dollars each year trying to cover up.

Our only problem it seems is that we’ve spent all of this time trying to cover up that when it comes to showing some skin, or even showing off our underwear, we run for the partition.


Why does flesh scare us? Is it because it reminds us of sex? Does nudity always equal sex? Why do we keep sexuality and nudity in a box reserved for the bottom drawer. You know that bottom drawer full of porn, sex toys, and God forbid, stylish, skimpy underwear. Our unmentionables. The stuff we keep hidden. The stuff we don’t talk about. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

That seems to be our consensus about sexuality and nudity in general. When we see someone in underwear or in the buff, we either blush, giggle or gasp. Unless, of course, when it’s in context: That hot blind date, Valentine’s Day, the gym locker room, the underwear section of a department store, et cetera.

Our Western counterparts of the world don’t have that problem. In England, you can be reading the morning paper, turn to page three, an there’s a featured topless women staring back at you. In Amsterdam, sex-education courses are taught at a very young age. Mind you, they also have legalized prostitution. In Madrid, Spanish accessories designer, Loewe, featured nude men in her runway show carrying only her handbags. Penises and balls flapping around for all to see. In Italy, there are a plethora of nudist colonies. The list goes on and on.

And then, there’s US.

Here in America, we censor everything. Swear words, suggestive content and nudity. Except of course, violence. We love violence.

 Basically, from wardrobe malfunctions to breastfeeding in public; we judge it, we shame it, we ban it. Bottom line.

We at BodyAware have had our own run-ins with the censor police. Just ask Facebook, but I’ll save that rant for another day.

In the meantime, and speaking of flapping genitalia, take a look at the following video and tell us if it offends you or not. Do you agree that we Americans are just a bunch of prudes?

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I’d like to see the Unicorn String in a Video!


Americans are very uptight. Need to relax. Put on some Body Aware and chill!


Nudity doesn’t bother me at all. Maybe that is why I am interested in this site and in sexy underwear for men. That video didn’t bother me at all. I do think that it is a bit silly. Why would they do that. How did the models not have hard ons? That is the most difficult thing I find about being nude or close to when being a man. That said, I love wearing thongs on the beach and in public! But getting erections are annoying. lol.


Americans need to grow up and relax about Nudity. The video clip I just watched did not offend me at all, the models should have slowed their walk and displayed the handbags more. Cheers. S.


I weigh more now than ever in my life and I feel better about myself now than I ever have. I have always enjoyed nudity at home or in nature. Everyone I know knows this about me and most are shocked and cannot do not understand. Americans are prudish on so many things but especially nudity. My god, the whole uproar about Janet Jackson’s nipple you would have thought she had shot someone. In fact that would have caused less uproar.


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