We caught up with BodyAware’s favorite model to ask him some hard-hitting questions about the his modeling career, and of course, about how he keeps it crazy, sexy, cool.

Age: 23
Height: 6’2
Weight: 180
Shoe size: 11
Zodiac sign: Libra
Favorite food: Japanese
Woman crush: Nicole Mejia
Man crush: Brad Pitt
Nationality: American Canadian
Turn-on: A very nice butt
Your best feature: Abs
Favorite TV show: Walking Dead
Favorite music: country

How long have you been modeling?

Three years.

What was your first gig?

A runway show for Reebox.

What is your favorite type of modeling?

Print. Commercial and editorial.

What is your favorite style of underwear?


What do you do to prepare for a shoot?

Get a haircut. Whiten my teeth. Apply skin products. Eat fruit.

How do you keep your body in great shape?

Genes. I eat healthy and do lots of strength training. Oh, and lot’s of sex!

What’s your favorite exercise routine?

Everything 5 times a week.

Your favorite guilty pleasure?

Chick Flicks. I love the Notebook.

Do you manscape?

Yes, in moderation.

Why do you model?

My mother. From the very beginning, she’s the one who encouraged me to try it because I had the look.

What is your dream modeling job other than BodyAware?

A Calvin Klein campaign.

Do you feel there is a stigma against men wearing “skimpy” underwear?

Yes, especially here in America. Men should be allowed to wear whatever they want.

How long have you been modeling for BodyAware?

Two years

What is your favorite BodyAware product?

The one with the tail (Furries J-String)

Who in the modeling world inspires you?

Lars Burmeister because he’s handsome. He exudes confidence and discipline with his modeling and his craft. He’s perfection!

Any upcoming projects?

More BodyAware, of course!

Your favorite quote or mantra?

“You can’t plant the fruit, if you don’t plant the root.”

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Michael’s awesome pouch modeling the Clip Swim Thong on the most recent front cover seemed like a very special gift. Devotion to Mike’s PLB can make dreams come true. The photo is on my desktop and in several slide shows so that I can enjoy it often. It’s so awesome and also very much appreciated.

Michael’s touching tribute to his beautiful friend makes fans like me adore him all the more. Bless you, Michael.

Tim August 08, 2020

One of Michael’s most sumptuously beautiful and awesomely adorable pouches is on the front cover! It’s another of Michael’s Mind-Blowers! Mike is in fine, chiseled, peak summertime form. The rugged woodsman look is one of my favorites and, as always, it’s comprehensively themed with Mike’s au-Naturelle manscape and a short, manly hairstyle that reveals just how fine-featured and handsome he is! He looks like a Roman Emperor! I ordered both Clip Swims and can’t wait to get them!

Michael also models the new Glossy Satin Stepin! I arranged the front and rear shots side-by-side so that it looks as though Mike is admiring his own PLB! The look is so real that he may very well have been looking at a mirror or video monitor while the photo was taken. Even in his rugged woodsman persona, Mike is completely adorable in his sexy little onesy! The glossy silk is intimately revealing as it flows lovingly over Mike’s awesome physique. Pouch and PLB are spectacular! The look is ultra-cute and super-sexy! It’s perfect styling for Mike’s sweet little sugar butt!

The left front-oblique view of Mike modeling the Clip Swim Tanga is one of the sexiest I’ve seen yet. I love our hero’s downward-looking “snap to it” gaze and the slow, deliberate un-clipping of his beautifully curled out transparent pouch. It’s a dramatic moment, perfectly captured!

You’re awesome Michael! Thank you! Thanks also to your awesome enablers at BodyAware!

Tim August 05, 2020

Some of Michael’s most sumptuously beautiful and awesomely adorable pouches feature BodyAware’s minimalist, micro, sheer, transparent, and full hang-out erotic styles. Mike’s big beautiful endowment paired with its large lovely loins form an especially beautiful shape when they’re fully stuffed into the package loving pouch of the Invisible Shaper Thong! I have this item already, because it’s so hot, but can’t help but feel lustful for the new colors! Especially the sky blue! Mike’s pouch in the profile and front-oblique views is so excellent! Completely adorable. The very concept of an Invisible Shaper Thong is super sexy! Mike’s sweet little awesome ass is always gorgeous in a thong!

This year’s summer silks campaign is the hottest ever! Sunglasses are recommended for viewing the sizzling hot front covers! Mike and his mates hard at work! BA is such a welcome relief from boredom and tedium! The Glossy Satin Capsule is stuffed full of hot new styles and colors. Plenty to mix and match from over the summer.

Thank You to everyone at BodyAware! Especially Michael!

Tim July 31, 2020

For me, getting more than I’d hoped for is a regular experience at BodyAware. When I wished for Michael modeling something “real skimpy” BA released the Gossamer String in two new colors! Mike models both and the photoshoot went very well! BA’s photographer captures Michael’s muscular posing perfectly and Michael’s muscular posing is perfection! I hoped for skimpy and received skimpiest – and ultra-sheer as well!

Michaels magnificently beautiful package stuffed into aa tiny and stretchy pouch like Gossamer’s is a big turn-on! Michael feels it too! The front-oblique view of Gossamer Black is one of Mike’s most fantastic pouch displays! It looks as though the Gossamer has swallowed something many times its own size and come up hard against Mike’s pubes! The geometry is perfect, the pouch a heady sight!

The photographer catches just enough of Michael’s lower lip that, from its slightly petulant curl, I easily recognize a familiar facial expression! It’s the sexy pout that Michael gets when his hot body is turning him on! Mike is looking down past his beautifully nippled peaks observing the muscle flow over his six-pack abs as it narrows to the geometric precision of Mike’s tidy pube patch where the strong flow enters the mouth of his already bulging Gossamer pouch. Michael’s ultra-plump pair round the pouch out to an almost spherical shape. No wonder Michael is turned on! I’d love to see a video of our super-model, superhero giving that beauty a bit of bounce around!

Michael’s manscape design for the Gossamer shoot is way hot! It’s perfectly themed with the skimpy string! I use Mike’s tidy pube patch as a landing zone for air kisses and I’m sure I’m not the only one in the pattern. Mike’s precision abs are like a stairway to heaven – in either direction!

My devotion to Michael’s PLB is rewarded with some truly stunning photos of his SLAA cheeks! What a hot pose! The perfect symmetry! They look like they’re carved in marble! His precious right dimple is front, center, and stunningly beautiful! The Cerise line-thin trim looks like a skimpy candy wrapper for Mike’s sweet little sugar butt! I think it’s Wild Cherry this time!

I got Gossamer black and Cerise on my last order. I also couldn’t resist the fine design points of the Faux Latex Jock Bodysuit. It’s my first piece in faux latex and once again I got more than I’d hoped for! The fit, though complex, is perfectly comfortable. The snug feel is fantastic! I hope we get more jock bodysuit designs. The design of the snap-close pouch is brilliant! I wore it all day yesterday.

Thank You again BodyAware! Bless your PLB every day Michael!

Tim June 29, 2020

Michael’s Mind Blowers are dropping like manna from heaven! I’ve already ordered the new Italian Color Block Brief in both hot colors, Cerise and purple. In the cover photo, Mike’s PLB is all but bare! The Color Block is little more than a nano-thin layer of lollypop color! A mere dusting of sugar for Mike’s sweet little awesome ass. But the Mind Blower is the profile view in Cerise!

Michael’s PLB is one of nature’s most beautiful bait-and-hook honeytraps! Michael’s pouch curl is just waiting for you to take the bait! The beautiful swoosh-like dimples in Mike’s SLAA cheeks should tell you that you can get deeply hooked in a lickity-split instant!

Tim Mooring June 12, 2020

OMG! Wow! You almost need an athletic supporter for your eyeballs to safely view the current “Camo Board Short” front cover! Mine almost popped out of my head at the sight of Michael’s awesome physique honed to an even more exalted level of perfection! Thank you, Michael!

I hope you get to model something real skimpy, real soon so that we can take it all in! A tiny booty short would also be a great way to show off your PLB! Pert and Pretty Michael! Totally adorable.

Also a big thank you to the photographer, Michael’s dresser, and everyone else involved in creating this remarkably beautiful, high-resolution image.

Tim June 08, 2020

When it’s finally safe again, I hope we get to accompany Michael on more exciting BodyAware outdoor photo shoots! I really enjoyed the “Cake on the Beach” expedition to Cali! Shady Dell was also loads of fun! I have every swim suit Michael modeled on that sexy field trip! It made me think that a Lalique glass statuette of Michael posing in a Rare Earth Thong would be worth a fortune and likely be on exhibit in the Louvre.

Michael is a natural athlete and dancer. In the closing scenes of Shady Dell Michael models a pink Show Stopper bodysuit, which I also have, and at one point jumps way up in the air while holding a large American flag over his head. Michael normally wears his pride in his pouch, but this time ti’s also visible on his smiling face. It made me laugh to observe that when he plants a perfect landing the last bit of bounce is right right where you’d expect it to be! The Show Stopper’s ultra high leg openings, thong style and V-form baring front zipper puts perfect emphasis on its BA fit pouch. Michael takes a break by a soda machine afterwards, wearing roller skates this time, and shows us just how awesome he looks in a Show Stopper pouch! The bounce effect is clearly visible. Wow!

I’m a full, unabashed devotee of Michel’s precious little bum. In my view it’s an object of beauty equal to anything else in the Milky Way. It’s beauty is so exceptional that it has to be foundational to the poise, confidence and sexy energy that imbues everything that Michael does. Watching his rhythmic booty dance in Model Michael (video above) makes my heart beat fast!

Michael has a range of sensual expression that makes following his modeling career very exciting to follow. He’s compellingly sexy as a bearded woodsman lounging trail side in the crevice of a tree, dappled sunlight playing off his chiseled body and the metallic sheen of his Rare Earth pouch that hangs like sun ripened fruit, full and heavy on the vine!

But if you think that’s the Michael you like best, check him out after he’s been made over by the experts at BodyAware! Dolled up to absolute perfection modeling carefully matched ensembles of BA’s sexiest lingerie, heels, stockings, half ass lace brief, pec bracing bralet and mirrored sunglasses, Michael is so beautiful that it will blow your mind! The seductive power of his half bare PLB will make your mouth water – it’s beautiful almost beyond belief.

Happily, Michael is sometimes paired with a beautiful female co-model. Life is a Cabaret and other shoots, are some of his very best work. The scenes have real natural beauty to them. Equal treatment for an equally gorgeous pair of lovers..

Equally exciting is the Cage Harness that Michael models over at Epic Leopard. It also affords a beautiful view of Mike’s PLB. The Cage Harness’s rear treatment is clearly an essential element of its overall design. It also shows that Michael can be all things sexy!

Bless you Michael, thank you BodyAware!

Tim May 15, 2020

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