We caught up with BodyAware’s favorite model to ask him some hard-hitting questions about the his modeling career, and of course, about how he keeps it crazy, sexy, cool.

Age: 23
Height: 6’2
Weight: 180
Shoe size: 11
Zodiac sign: Libra
Favorite food: Japanese
Woman crush: Nicole Mejia
Man crush: Brad Pitt
Nationality: American Canadian
Turn-on: A very nice butt
Your best feature: Abs
Favorite TV show: Walking Dead
Favorite music: country

How long have you been modeling?

Three years.

What was your first gig?

A runway show for Reebox.

What is your favorite type of modeling?

Print. Commercial and editorial.

What is your favorite style of underwear?


What do you do to prepare for a shoot?

Get a haircut. Whiten my teeth. Apply skin products. Eat fruit.

How do you keep your body in great shape?

Genes. I eat healthy and do lots of strength training. Oh, and lot’s of sex!

What’s your favorite exercise routine?

Everything 5 times a week.

Your favorite guilty pleasure?

Chick Flicks. I love the Notebook.

Do you manscape?

Yes, in moderation.

Why do you model?

My mother. From the very beginning, she’s the one who encouraged me to try it because I had the look.

What is your dream modeling job other than BodyAware?

A Calvin Klein campaign.

Do you feel there is a stigma against men wearing “skimpy” underwear?

Yes, especially here in America. Men should be allowed to wear whatever they want.

How long have you been modeling for BodyAware?

Two years

What is your favorite BodyAware product?

The one with the tail (Furries J-String)

Who in the modeling world inspires you?

Lars Burmeister because he’s handsome. He exudes confidence and discipline with his modeling and his craft. He’s perfection!

Any upcoming projects?

More BodyAware, of course!

Your favorite quote or mantra?

“You can’t plant the fruit, if you don’t plant the root.”

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In the fuller context of our hot babe’s confident sexual prowess, lythe muscular athleticism, smooth expert moves, and split-second timing, the challenging size of Mike’s big beautiful endowment becomes much more like “just-right”! I know I’d want to edge him right up to optimal size and rigidity by open adoration of its full girth and length, gently rimming its sweet, tight little cocktail, and a loving mix of “working the seam”, labial massage, and lingual palpation of its luscious, awesomely plump pair! So big that they require individual loving attention! In Mike’s case, multiple mouths are better than one! Wow! Hands all over his sizzling hot body!

In BodyAware’s latest BTS video, Model Michael gets to strut his hot stuff in one of my favorite settings, the Serenity Botanical Garden. Our scrumptious babe models a variety of BA’s latest and greatest styles! Best of all, we’re finally back to hands-on modeling! So exciting! Bodysuits, Bodythongs, silk shorts, briefs, and thongs! It’s no wonder that Mike enjoys his work at BA – it’s a match made in heaven! Mike is so hot that the scene where the next style for him to model is being chosen from a rack of incredibly gorgeous selections is one of the hottest in the video! The mind’s eye fills each style with our muscular hero’s body as they’re sorted through! What a turn-on!

Our sweet BodyAware babe is bolder and more beautiful than ever! Yum-Yum, Mike’s sweet little honeybuns, are thonged to absolute perfection in colorful, confectionary styles that will make your mouth water! Our hero even spanks his little sugar-butt as an indicator of how worthy it is of a good ass-licking! I get so excited when Michael touches himself! Sweet babe can’t seem to keep his hands off his fully stuffed, awesomely pronged-out pouches! Wobble, wobble Michael! Your loyal league of fan-addicts just can’t get enough! BodyAware silk seems to love your sweet, little awesome ass as much as we do!

Thank you so much BodyAware! Bless your PLB every day Michael! You’re awesome beyond belief!


Michael takes a break from an edging workout to offer up his ne plus ultra pouch display modeling BodyAware’s Camo Mesh Boxer! The super-heady profile view, expertly posed, is a delicious mind-blower! Mike’s big beautiful endowment and its lovely plump pair are so visibly excited, even in the still photo, that you can almost see them churning with pleasure! As jaw-dropping as the photo is, you’ll need to open up even wider! That thick, wide-shouldered head, just by itself, will be a tight-fit mouthful! Awesome Michael! Best pouch display since you modeled the legendary Silver Surfer Cock Brief! Bold and beautiful! Bravo!

I like to think of Mike’s big, beautiful endowment as if it were a monument to his own multi-faceted perfection, Its plump pair makes an ideal, natural, organic plinth for erecting and displaying our hero’s pride and joy! From the expansive crown of its lovely head to its sweet, tight little cocktail, I know I adore each and every cm – both girth, and length! I’d always work hard to show a special, lingering affection for that elusive and most exciting last cm! Lower-lip bumper-kisses for my hero’s sweet pubes.

The semi-transparent fabric, the camo pattern, and a rear shaping seam in the Camo Mesh Boxer combine to create a full bracing display of Mike’s sweet little honey buns! Yum-Yum! Mike’s PLB has a happy-looking lilt and lightness in it that says it’s still enjoying a golden glow from the edging workout!

Bless your PLB every day Michael! You’re awesome! BodyAware is where the action is!


Mike gives his most pube-centric display ever modeling BodyAware’s new Dazzling Satin Tank in a new, brilliant Berry color! In the profile view, Michael uses the tank like a theatre curtain for a dramatic, muscular unveiling of his cute little, precision pube-patch! So adorable! The BodyAware logo has never been more perfectly justified! It’s a precision-fit, color frame for Mike’s awesome pubes! Air-kissing even leaves a sweet, berry taste in your mouth! Michael is the hottest, best-equipped cocktease on planet Earth! The photo is deliberately cropped just below the waistband. We have to fill in the pouch from memory!

I want the tanga and the tank! The tanga has to be coming soon. BA tangas are sassy-ass!

Thank You, Michael! Also to all the Bright Lights at BodyAware!


Mike shows off his sizzling hot body, also his impressive prowess with a skillet, modeling the Breakfast Brief, Short, Tanga, and Thong styles! Watch for the very last frames of the video just where the BodyAware logo pops up, and check out Mike’s incredible bun-pop modeling the thong! Wow! Yum, Yum! Awesome! You’re a mega-stud Michael! I know I’d want to save a round of those honey buns for dessert – right after the complete sou chef breakfast special! They’ll be even more delectable and sweet when served with a milky mouth!

I also loved Mike’s Valentine Gift video modeling one of my favorite lace styles, the Lace Brazil Brief – in sweetheart red! Mike shows off some spectacular oblique views of his awesome abs and pouch-flow torso. Before stripping them off for a sweet booty dance finale, Mike teases us in a pair of thick fleece sweat pants, worn half-on, half-off. Really hot, preening peacock poses that are absolutely adorable! Our well-endowed hero sports a big-bump basket that he shows off to fantastic effect! I easily recognize the lift-and-hold contours of the Lace Brazil Brief pouch. Our hero’s big, beautiful endowment and its luscious plump pair are feeling very comfortable in their soft lace and fleece nest!

Mike’s Loka-boom booty dance is manna from heaven for those of us who adore his PLB!

My last order included the Perfect Pleather Tanga and the Sleek Print (dark-camo) Satin Brief. Check out the incredible photo of Mike modeling the Perfect Pleather Tanga in the profile shot! The view across Michael’s body from his sweet right cheek dimple all the way up to his pert left nipple is photographic art at its best! The incredible fly-over pouch curl – the bend is so far forward! And Michael’s finely tuned, always adorable pub-patch is right where the action is! Air-kisses landing there are converted directly into pouch curl and plump-pair churn by our expert, ultra-hot hero!

Thank you, Michael! Also, many thanks to your awesome BodyAware crew!


The Botanical Garden video is a sensual delight, a cavalcade of gorgeous pouches and hot glossy satin styles! In my favorite scene, Michael models the Rare Earth Tanga descending a set of steps in the garden. The photographer is positioned a few steps further down and has a really awesome up-angle view to capture all the hot action!

This one is truly a mind-blower! Watch Mike’s looming pouch, bulbous with his plump pair, and a curl so strong that it’s forced to perform a knuckle, roll, and wobble maneuver as our handsome hero slowly negotiates each step down. Mike’s squirming abs and lats, his perfect pecs, bouncy buns, and bushy black pube patch, all are in the frame! Another dramatic Model Michael Moment, perfectly photographed.

Michael keeps a nice balance of pouch and PLB. Rounding out his Rare Earth pouch exhibition, he also models the Glossy Satin Jogger Pant! Mike shows off some really excellent C-line, deep profile shots of his lovely plump pair, and sugar-butt bun-bounce to make your mouth water! With, its surprising muscle and feature show through, Michael could as well be naked modeling the Glossy Satin Jogger Pant!

I’ll have to wait to get mine as it’s completely sold out!

Wobble, Wobble, Michael! You’re Awesome! Thank You, BodyAware!


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