Seasonal Underwear

Seasonal Underwear


Fall has arrived! The leaves are changing colors, the weather feels nice and brisk, and the pumpkin flavored foods and drinks are in abundance. It’s a grand time of year, for sure. With the change in seasons, does your choice in underwear change, as well? What we wear on the outside changes when the seasons change, so would it seem within the norm to also change the trends in underwear that we wear?


I’ve never really thought of this concept, but it seemed like an interesting way to think about underwear. Of course, if you live in snowy weather, thermals start to become your go-to undergarments. But if you live in more moderate temperatures, it’s not like you’d really NEED to change the style of underwear you wear, but throwing on a pair of long boxer briefs or something similar could help keep an extra bit of insulation for some more warmth. Not that I’ve tested this out, or anything…


Then you have to think about colors, because each season has specific colors! Would “Fall underwear” include shades of maroon and grey? Of course, only you and a select few people will actually SEE this underwear that’s supposed to be seasonal, but I’m thinking it could bring a sense of embracing fall fashion if every part of your outfit includes some form of fall fashion trends…right?


I could also be thinking into this far too much! Maybe since most people you encounter aren’t going to see the underwear, you can have a neon underwear party in your pants during fall and still feel like it’s setting fashion trends. I mean, I’d definitely want to get to know someone who had a unique sense of fashion, like that. It could also just be an afterthought, though. I imagine the average male just uses their underwear until it starts ripping and falling apart, so why change the type of underwear they wear during Fall if their current drawer full of underwear is still in tip-top shape? 


It just seems like an interesting concept, to me. I’m very new to the world of specialty underwear and I wouldn’t think it’s unbelievable if someone told me “my underwear choices are seasonal.” I imagine everyone embraces their fashion in different ways, and brings in each season with different pairs of underwear. I mean hey, whoever gets to see their pair of Fall underwear might get all tingly inside to see that they go seasonal with their underwear. 


I want to know what you think, though! Are you a “seasonal underwear” type of person? Does your style/color preferences in underwear change as the seasons change? Let me know in the comments!

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