The Craziest Underwear You've Ever Worn?

The Craziest Underwear You've Ever Worn?

With the world of men's underwear changing, we've definitely started to see more styles out there than just the typical brief, boxer, and boxer brief. They get sexier, more colorful, and at times, so ridiculous that you laugh hard enough to give yourself abs (if only). Whether it’s bright colors, funny patterns, or something that leaves very little to the imagination, there’s a lot of “crazy” underwear out there for men that could give you (and everyone else who likes to look at you in underwear) quite a good time.

Just to give some examples of “crazy” underwear I’ve seen out there, I’ve once seen an elephant pair of underwear where the face is what covers the general crotch area, and the trunk holds, well…I think you know where that’s going. Words can’t really explain how great this pair of underwear is, so you should experience it for yourself:


Crazy enough for a laugh, right? I’ll probably still be laughing about it while you read this.


On the same article where I found this pair of underwear, I also found a pair that…makes very little sense? But it still manages to be very sexy! This pair of butterfly underwear has a nice sheer element to it, and then a nice, colorful butterfly to decorate your package! It does leave very little to the imagination, and then dazzles those looking at you with the little butterfly that’s resting ever so gently on your man area. Just see it for yourself:

So if you’ve ever wanted a butterfly on your junk, it exists.

Heck, even Bodyaware has some crazy styles that you wouldn’t see elsewhere! Jet briefs that perfectly outline the penis, a Silver Surfer Cock Brief that doubles as a brief AND a cock ring, and not to mention, we also have this Unicorn String:

It's...just a string. You'd essentially be wearing just a string. I had never seen anything like it until I started working here. What an experience! So as far as crazy underwear goes, we’re definitely in the running for being pretty dang crazy. But like, in a sexy way, you know? 


I have yet to wear any crazy types of underwear. I’ve really only stuck to the traditional types like boxers and briefs, since that’s usually what’s most accessible. However, I’m not against trying something new, if you know what I mean! But alas, that’s a different topic for a different time…


So I’ve gotta know, what’s the craziest pair of underwear you’ve ever worn? Let us know in the comments! I’m dying to know what kind of crazy stuff our readers have tried out.

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A Borat mankini. comfortable and fun.. if you dare!


I found a pouch that fits just on my sack – with a gentle elastic at the top to grip and keep it in place. At first I thought it just wouldn’t work, but after trying it I found it was incredibly comfortable and did a great job of keeping my sack dry and comfortable – particularly during workouts at the gym. It came in different sizes, so I was lucky to be able to find a size that fit my sack well. Wish BA would have something like that!


The Elephant was my first pair of “crazy” underwear. My girlfriends father gave it to me as a joke. It was very funny at the time but I could not help but feel a little aroused by the gift. I went home and tried them on. I think I was already sexually charged as I almost immediately had a hard on. It took a while for the trunk to subside and I wore them to bed that night feeling very aroused. Too bad my girlfriend was still at her parents house! Although, at the time, I was too embarrassed to admit I wore them and even more embarrassed to show them off.


The butterfly is just a Photoshop that someone used to cover up the actual penis from showing through the sheer fabric. Some websites blur or edit pictures of these kinds of underwear so that they’re not technically showing nudity.


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