Getting Sexy on Halloween

October 22, 2015

Getting Sexy on Halloween

It’s common knowledge that just about everything you can make into a women’s costume comes in a “sexy” version. Shoot, if they wanted to dress up as a pumpkin, I’m sure they even have a sexy version of that. What would that even look like? Beats me, but anything you can think of for women’s costumes, costume companies will make it sexy without hesitation. Not that I think this is bad, or anything. It’s just…fascinating, you know? What a world.


 I feel like I don’t often see “sexy” versions of men’s costumes, though. If you asked me if I think there should be some, I’d probably say “heck yeah” because I believe everyone should be able to celebrate their sexuality on Halloween by donning something that shows some skin. From personal experience, I tend to see more gay men than straight men dress in “sexy” costumes by wearing short shorts and crop tops and wearing one identifiable piece of headgear, and then saying something along the lines of “I’m a mouse, duh.” (Mean Girls, anyone?)


However, us gay men shouldn’t be the only men to have fun with being risqué with our Halloween costumes! All men should be able to. There’s nothing inherently “gay” about wanting to show off some more of your body. That’s just what society tries to tell you to keep you in a box. It's quite a boring box to be placed in, too, if we're going to be honest.


I personally think that Halloween is a time to have fun with dressing as something completely new to you, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone for that night. It’s a fun way to be remembered at parties, am I right? Especially if you make a sexy version of something that people wouldn’t expect to be sexy. You want people to be like “sure, that ordinary coffee cup was okay, but did you see the SEXY coffee cup?” And coffee is already sexy, so you’d basically be a double whammy. 


I went hunting around the internet for some of my favorite “sexy” costumes, and I just couldn't pass these up:



Yes, they're impractical. That Storm Trooper would die in seconds and that doctor would get some sort of weird rash as a result of having nothing on him. You know what, though? They look great, and isn’t that what a good deal of us are trying to aim for on Halloween?


So you do you, this Halloween. If you want to show off that sexy bod, by all means, I say go for it. If you don't, that's okay, too! I'm just here to let you know that you have options, and options are good. We like options.


Now I want to hear some stuff from you! How do you feel about the whole “sexy Halloween costume” trend? And have you ever done a “sexy” version of something as a Halloween costume? Leave some comments below!

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