What Does Your Undie Drawer Say About You?

What Does Your Undie Drawer Say About You?


We all have that drawer in our dresser that’s full of the stuff we wear under our clothes. For some it’s just an underwear drawer, for some it's neat, for some it's neat enough to do the trick, and for some it's so messy, it's a mystery as to how they find anything in that drawer! The way each person maintains their underwear drawer is unique to each person, to a point where it’s possible that it could describe some aspects of their personality! 


1. Neat and Organized


Maybe you fold your underwear and keep them all organized by brand, color types, style types, so on and so forth. Maybe you have a drawer just for your everyday underwear, and one for just for fun times in the bedroom (that sounds like a lot of underwear!) If you keep your undies neat and organized, you might be the type of person who gets a lot of satisfaction out of keeping things in check. When things are disorganized, whether it's a mess in the house or a situation in your life, it might make you uneasy to the point where you have to fix it as soon as possible. You might very much like to have a lot of control over your life, and the thought of losing control over something could make you nervous.


2. Moderately Neat


Maybe your underwear drawer has your undies folded, but not organized any specific way (like me!). Or maybe your underwear isn’t folded, but there’s a special place for it in the drawer, so you know where to look when it’s time to put some on. Your socks or whatever else is in the drawer might intermingle at some points, but not to the point where things are lost. If this is you, you might be the type of person who goes with the flow, most of the time. You like doing what you want to do, of course, but you also like when other people make the decisions. Control in your life isn’t the most important factor for you, but you like knowing what’s going on and would rather not be unaware.


3. Messy/No Organization


Your underwear is just thrown in that drawer without a care in the world! They might not even be folded, just cleaned and put somewhere in there, because it at least made it in the drawer, right? You might regret it later when there’s a certain pair that you want to wear, but who has time to fold it and place it somewhere neatly? If this is you, you might be the type of person who knows how to prioritize your time. Getting more work done or working on some other part of your home is more important than making sure your underwear drawer looks good, especially since you’re probably the only one who looks in it! You may also make quick decisions before really thinking about the end result, but you have confidence in your decisions despite the amount of time you tend to make them.


Do any of these undie drawer descriptions describe you? Or do you have a different sort of underwear organization? Let us know down in the comments! It’s like we’ll be getting a sneak peek into that special drawer!

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I’m definitely the borderline OCD type when it comes to my drawers (the wood kind). Underwear always in the top drawer, organized front to back by style/type/frequency of use.
The skimpy thongs (DA & CM, each brand in their own bags) go on the front right, followed by the pouch thongs in 2nd row-right side, following those are the penis/sleeve thongs. In the center of this drawer goes all my men’s thong-back bodysuits (when their not hanging in the closet to dry after washing). On the left are the “more typical men’s style” underwear (trunk-briefs/ with slight pouch for U’r “boys”). Last in this drawer is the “back-left”, this is where the “less worn” or “least fav” underwear hide (usually not long before these will make their way to the trash bin or rag box, surprising what you can polish/clean with an old pair of nylon-spandex underwear). Now that I have typed all this out (location from memory only) I’m realising I may be just a tad more than “borderline OCD” about my underwear. Oh well, I’m sure I could find the exact pair I need in the dark if I had to… LOL : )


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