MMUK MAN Manscara


Color: Black

Key MMUK MAN Manscara’s Features

No Cheap Ingredients - MMUK MAN delivers only the most professional and luxurious formulas.  Unlike other lower-quality mascara’s for men, MMUK MAN’s Manscara contains no plastics, sealers or fiber.  Instead, harmless wear is attainable, matching its high-quality finish ability.  Furthermore, this mascara for men guarantees optimal protection to sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, meaning you can wear MMUK MAN’s Manscara with complete confidence in its high-end protection.  

Use Less, Get More - With MMUK MAN’s expert formula comes this male mascara’s ability to effectively transform eyes without having to apply huge amounts.  Such an optimal consistency ultimately ensures an extremely subtle eye makeup for men wear, should you wish to achieve it.  Wear in conjunction with MMUK MAN’s Lash Primer For Men for an unrelenting finish, guaranteed to last all day and maintain the long term health of your lashes.  

Shades off - Transform your eyes with one of two colors:  Take advantage of MMUK MAN’s black shade to create the ultimate drama with framed, striking and platformed eyes.  Alternatively, our brown shade is often preferred by our more subtle makeup for men's advocates.  Wear in the office, out for dinner or in the club with complete confidence in a formula that matches your own eyelash color to depict a new form of masculinity.  

There’s a new kind of gentleman transforming the male cosmetics world: A gentleman in search of masculine cosmetic enhancers to prolong his style success.  In MMUK MAN’s Manscara you can trust, and in you, we will certainly not shy away from delivering.  Take advantage of our long-lasting lengthening manscara designed for your eyes only. 

How To Apply MMUK MAN’s Manscara

Applying mascara as a man need not be a daunting task.  Firstly, remove the wand from the casing, ensuring all excess formula is wiped off onto the inside of the casing, this ensures your manscara lasts as long as possible and doesn’t unnecessarily clump.  Secondly, place the application wand at the base of your lower lashes and apply in a smooth swiping action away from your face.  Repeat this 2-6 times depending on the look and subtlety you are trying to achieve.  Thirdly, tilt your head forward and again place the wand at the root of your lash, except this time focusing on the top surface of your eyelashes.  Apply in exactly the same motion as before, away from the face.  Within a matter of seconds, your new and transformed look will present itself in all its masculinity and definition.  Remember to position yourself in front of a mirror and take your time if you are an eye makeup for men newcomer.  The touch will come.

  • Size - 10ml (.3 fl oz)
  • Made in Canada

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