YogaAware Jockstrap | Style Code D048 | $16.95

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The perfect item to wear under sportswear or just by itself. This strong jock features a double layer of smooth sports fabric that is seamless with no front elastic which gives a smooth and sleek silhouette. With sturdy black elastic back straps and a small logo patch at the back.

  • Smooth waistband with no elastic
  • Perfect for yoga or any sport !
  • 92% polyester/8% spandex
  • Machine wash
  • Made in USA!
  • Double-layer of fabric in the front for a smooth front profile

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Customer reviews

Received on November 19th, 2014

"This is a nice jock, but lacking in two areas. But first, the material is great. Very soft and smooth. Great for working out in as it kept me cool. Also, the feature of not having a traditional waistband in front and it only being the same material of the pouch just folded over is really comfortable. This jock also has very nice and sturdy straps. The first point of where it is lacking is the pouch is just a bit too constrictive. I want support from something like this especially during exercise, but this pouch is just too constricting…very tight and flat. It really squeezes everything in. The second point of where this is lacking is where the straps meet the pouch. The straps come together…one on top of the other…this causes the pouch to be pulled away a bit and twisted at the bottom. The thickness of the two straps on top of each other also made it so the straps always scratched/chaffed in between the legs. Other jock’s I own have the straps attach to the pouch on either side, not together. I am a disappointed I did want to like this jock as the material and lack of waistband is great!"

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Received on February 9th, 2015

"Surprisingly, jocks are tricky to get right and this BA jock has many positive aspects. The fabric is great, it's virtually seamless up front, it is well made, and the fit is very much true to size. I particularly like how it gives you a fairly flat look and keeps everything in place while performing all manner of activities without constricting your equipment. However, the elastic prices that join the waist band to the center (between the legs) is fairly rough and the overlapping of the fabric is quite noticeable making it less than comfortable between the legs. Covering those elastic pieces with the same fabric as the rest of the jock and creating a smoother joint between the legs, would make it virtually perfect."

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