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Our newest J-string is now available in fantastic new fabrics: rich and soft Amethyst Lace, Black Lace, or Jeweled Nude Mesh. This unique design starts with a virtually weightless silicone frame that is shaped to fit your unmentionables to perfection. The frame is covered in the aforementioned soft fabric and has a contoured pouch fit. To wear, just spread the frame open around your most precious parts, adjust yourself into the contoured pouch, and the anatomically correct frame rests nicely between your cheeks. We recommend wearing this item as underwear, or, if you are truly brave, on the beach or at the pool, where you can say goodbye to those pesky tan lines forever. One size fits from a size Small to a size Large, due to the radius of the frame.

  • Silicone frame fits snugly against the body
  • Soft and stretchy fabric pouch
  • Contoured front pouch
  • Polyester/spandex blend
  • Handwash recommended
  • Imported

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Customer reviews

Received on August 8th, 2011

"I've looked so long for something like the J-string to wear on a public beach and finally it's really available. Wore it and nothing else last weekend to drive to the beach and lay in the sun. Got lots of notice; it was more comfortable and revealing than any thong. I felt completely liberated. Feels like someone's caressing me gently but firmly and stays in place with moderate activity - tho the occasional adjustment in heavy activity gives me a chance to bring more attention to what it holds and to my near-nudity. Highly recommended for bold beach wear, driving almost naked, and around the house. It allows you to be all but naked in front of others without the objection of full exposure. An interesting accent: wear it with just a crop top - the J-string really pops! Next weekend I'll parade to the water and try a swim wearing only my red J-string!"

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Received on July 26th, 2011

"The J-string does not stay in place when doing any bending motions or standing after being seated."

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Received on January 4th, 2012

"This item is a great design, but with a couple of flaws. I've tried adjusting the frame, but it just is uncomfortable and rubs on the tendons in my thighs, no matter how narrow I make it. It stay in place for me, and I love the fabric, but given the stretch material, I would have made the pouch considerable smaller and let the fabic envelope the package inside. Still like the item though...just not being very well endowed leaves too much material in the pouch. "

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Received on August 18th, 2011

"I agree with the comfort level the J-string provides. When mine came in the mail they were a little bent out of shape. I rolled it up in a ball about 3" wide, held it together with an elastic and then placed a hair dryer on high heat on it for about 2 minutes. It now never falls out of place and fits perfectly! partner loves to watch me prance around in this!"

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