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Sports Tank

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Are you looking for a thrilling tank top that is super soft yet hugs your torso like a love-sick koala? Then run, not walk, to check out our newest Sports Tank which features a scoop neckline, narrow shoulder straps and an up-to-the-minute styling on the athletic back. A very striking design that will look fantastic wrapped around your body.

  • Very soft cotton construction
  • Narrow athletic back
  • BodyAware logo patch at back
  • 100% ribbed cotton
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Made in USA
Size XS S M L XL 2X 3X
Waist 27-29" 68-73cm 29-31" 74-79cm 32-34" 80-87cm 35-37" 88-95cm 38-40" 96-102cm 41-43" 103-110cm 44-46" 111-117cm
Chest 32-34" 80-86cm 34-36" 87-92cm 37-39" 93-99cm 40-42" 100-107cm 43-45" 108-115cm 46-48" 116-123cm 49-51" 124-130cm

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top reviewer Richard
I like this shirt a lot. MY wife loves it on me (along with short shorts). I have been picking up more racerback style tanks lately. I love the throwback style to the 80's. I wish these shirts and shorter shorts were more popular. This shirt really shows off my back/lats (especially after an hour at the gym). Please make more colors...Please.... P.S. What has happened to men in the last 20 years?? They are afraid to be seen in anything that is not faded brown and shorter than a faded baggy Capri-length Cargo Pant and old oversized ratty T-shirts. C'mon guys, let's start looking great again...
July 23rd, 2012
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top reviewer Richard
I lked the gray style so much that I ordered other colors. What I found was that the gray material was delicate and seemed to wear thin in spots. The other 3 are much more durable, with the purple and red having the beefiest material. Did you switch manufacturers for subsequent runs? Either way, I really enjoy wearing them - especially paired with some of your shorts

The fabric used in this tank does vary slightly in weight between the colors, the gray being lighter weight, but perfect for the hot summer days that are coming!

March 23rd, 2013
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