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Super stretchy, ultra premium silicone comprise this awesome ass lock.
It’s a whole new take on the traditional anal lock. This premium silicone will stretch to about 200% of its original size so it will stretch to fit any size man. The material flexes with your body and you can certainly feel the anal ball move ever so slightly every time you clench!

Measurements in inches:
Ring (inside circumference): 6.5 (2in diameter)
Connecting strap (from ring to part that goes up): 4 - super stretchy
Connection from strap to ball: 2
Plug Ball (circular): 1.5

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Customer reviews

"This is one of those toys that you look at and jump all at once with excitement, fear, and curiosity. The price is attractive, and so it is that is made of flexible silicone. Very important for anything you plan to place inside your body. Quality control seems good, and there is only the slightest traces of mold seams, some of which you might be able to feel with your fingers. I never noticed them once the lock was, well, locked! Although the silicone used for this toy will indeed allow you to stretch it to good length and girth without damaging it, is by no means “stretchy.” You will break a sweat opening that ring or stretching the toy apart. No worries, the generous 50mm (2in) internal diameter will accommodate most everyone without having to stretch it out at all. Just take your time. Which means that once its on, you’ll feel it just often enough without ever fearing that you are chocking your old pal to death. The ball is a nice 130mm (5 1/8in ) circumference that will easily slide where it needs to go with a little work, teasing, and lube, and the distance between ring and ball seems to be quite appropriate to do its job. Before you know it, it will all be in place and you’ll be ready to head out or do whatever with a big silly grin on your face. Given the smooth nature of silicone, it’s easy to clean and preserve. In addition to the traditional soap and water, I like to use some plain household white vinegar to give it a good scrub with a rag before placing it in a dark bag with a good sprinkling of talcum or corn starch. Oh, and it comes in three colors to mix and match with your favorite outfit. Have fun!"

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"Liked the idea of this, but for some reason thought it would be smaller - should have read the specs. I guess it's for advanced users - even taking my time and using a ton of lube the ball is too big for me to insert."

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"Excellent fit easy to use feels good when wearing. It is 100% better than the steel one I had, wish I had found this one first, would have saves a lot of money."

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"I am glad to know that this gear with this material now exists. I look forward to buying the nude color once available again. A bit apprehensive of the metal models that have invaded the gay sex market in the past few years."

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