Soft Mesh Cap | Style Code P128M | $12.00

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Whether you are holding pennies or gold doubloons, this is the perfect accoutrement to watch your interest grow! Cleverly designed mesh pouch fits nicely over your genitals and is held firmly in place with an elasticated drawstring at the opening.

  • Elastic drawstring
  • Mesh pouch
  • 85% nylon/ 15% spandex
  • Machine wash gentle
  • Made in USA

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Customer reviews

Received on July 7th, 2012

"I absolutely love this item. The mesh is soft and airy, and I frequently forget I'm wearing anything at all. There is just enough room for expansion (I'm an avg guy, 7" from tip to base when measured on top) and I find there is juuuuust enough room for a full erection. The extra material necessary for expansion doesn't interfere with the fit at all while flaccid. I LOVE this item...with one exception. The material quality is outstanding. The cut is perfect. The fit is phenomenal. But after just 4-6 times wearing it (with a trip to the washing machine between each wear) the seam that contains the elastic drawstring is giving out. Within a few more times using this item the drawstrings will become entirely detached and I'll no longer be able to use this. If this could be fixed, I'd buy an entire weeks worth of these and wear nothing else! Please strengthen the seam that holds the drawstring in place!"

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Received on February 14th, 2014

"I love this, but my big concern is that the drawstring seam that keeps my stuff inside is no longer attach. Like the previous review mention, after a few washes it gives out. Mine was on about the 7th or 8th wash."

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