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Shaped Rubber Backless Sheath

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A perfectly proportioned sheath that encases your manly triumvirate in latex paradise. Our sheath is hand made by artisans in Germany and is moulded anatomically correct with a flange around the outside for easier wear. Made of light weight latex (0.35mm).

We suggest you put a cock ring on first to hold your boys in place, lube up your penis and the inside of the sheath, then stretch and slip that little sucker on over all your stuff. To put on successfully, it is best if you are NOT hard. Once the sheath is in place, nature will take its course and you will soon find yourself engorged in soft and slippery latex heaven.

We recommend the sheath be worn on its own, or paired with any of our BodyAware open front briefs. Comes complete with lubricant sachet. You can shine up the latex with our Black Beauty polish item code BB1. Due to the nature of this product, this item is not returnable.

  • Moulded latex
  • Shaft length measures approximately 5"
  • Hand wash
  • Imported from Germany
Size XS S M L XL 2X 3X
Waist 27-29" 68-73cm 29-31" 74-79cm 32-34" 80-87cm 35-37" 88-95cm 38-40" 96-102cm 41-43" 103-110cm 44-46" 111-117cm
Chest 32-34" 80-86cm 34-36" 87-92cm 37-39" 93-99cm 40-42" 100-107cm 43-45" 108-115cm 46-48" 116-123cm 49-51" 124-130cm

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I have never had so much fun with something so simple. You need to stretch the opening wide and be in a soft state to put it on, but then the fun started for me an the GF! The shaft is long enough to hold a good sized erection, and it stays firmly on due to the perfectly sized opening and room for the balls. The rubber is quite thick, so the sensation of being erect and held tightly by it while being aroused is incredible.
June 5th, 2012
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Not yet convinced this was a good purchase. Very difficult to get on and still trying!!! I will try the suggestions mention by others, but still find this very difficult to get on.

Normally talc is recommended to assist in getting on latex garments as it allows it to slide over the skin. But for this item, we would recommend a water based lubricant, but be sure to wash it off the latex after use. The hardest part is not to be erect when you try to put it on, so you may need a bag of frozen peas to shrink things down a bit!

June 7th, 2012
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