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A super portable disposable masturbator with deep intense textures for awesome pleasure. The sleeve comes in soft packaging, making it the most portable masturbator we offer.

Choices are as follows:
Silver = Xtra, featuring 90 "tongues."
Grey = Intense, featuring 41 "tits."
Charcoal = Xtreme, featuring 46 "waves."

*This product does not include lube.

Select size your size first:

Then select your color:

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Customer reviews

Received on February 7th, 2016

"Decided to try this for the heck of it! I honestly didn't know what to expect - I wish it was longer, also it says it's disposable but it can definitely be reused, at least a few times I would think. I'm not rushing to buy another one but playing with this was fun nonetheless."

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