Rubber Jewel Sheath | Style Code LT027 | $15.95

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Take a look at our newest anatomically shaped Rubber Jewel Sheath. This thin latex sheath fits snugly around your family jewels with an open end for your penis to peer through. The latex sheath achieves a feeling of constriction, giving you a pleasurably tight feeling when erect. And it's thin enough so that you can feel the flesh through it.

Do use our special latex lubricant to achieve a glossy shine on this sheath. Do not use with oil based products, as they will shorten the life of the product.

This simple Rubber sheath can be used to keep your bits in rubber, while allowing your penis out to play!

  • Molded latex
  • Medium gauge latex
  • Hand wash
  • Imported from Germany

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Customer reviews

Received on January 24th, 2013

"Wasn't sure what to think...but WOW! I thought the sack might be to big but it goes on easily and what a fun fit when things are at full attention."

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