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Maximize Your Pleasure!
Specifically Designed to Help Arouse the Male "G" Spot!

Formulated with Niacin and Clove Oil… to Assist with Increased Sexual Intensity Niacin (Vitamin B3) plays a vital role in energy production and blood circulation to the penis and prostate areas/ its stimulating benefits create what is known as a Niacin Sex Flush, which produces sensations of tingly, intense warmth and increased blood flow for greater excitement.
Natural Clove Leaf Oil works to enhance blood flow for greater sensitivity and pleasure/intensifies and heightens pleasure during the foreplay leading up to ejaculation / intensifies a man’s orgasmic pleasure.

Smooth gel formula allows for increased lubrication. Use with lubricant for EZ glide to stimulate prostate.
Apply to finger or anal toy and insert into anus for Max results

**Should NOT be used by persons with aspirin allergies, on prescribed blood thinners or have an STD

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Customer reviews

Received on January 5th, 2015

"I tried this product using just my fingers and then with a toy and I must say that the sensation it produced was wonderful. When applied, it produces a warming sensation, especially around the prostate, and enhances the overall experience. I am so glad to have tried this stuff out and I can't wait to use it with a partner! Thanks BodyAware!"

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