Olive V Back | Style Code Z831 | $13.95

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Sexy G constructed of soft stretch lace, printed in fall colors, with generous contoured pouch and V shaped detail at back.

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Customer reviews

Received on October 24th, 2013

"Another sexy-feeling, sexy-looking piece of underwear from BA! I just got my pair in the mail (prompt shipping as always) and I'm really happy with it. The material is stretchy and some parts of the pattern are a little see-through, and the fit is great--clingy, enhancing, but not constricting or binding anywhere. I like the touch of the little triangle of fabric in the back. The strings seem like they'll last and they ride at just the right spot on the hips. I'm an average-endowed guy with a 35 waist and the medium fits well and makes me look great. Now if I just had a girlfriend to show off to!"

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Received on October 22nd, 2013

"Very good garment"

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Received on February 22nd, 2014

"Nice g-string. Even better when paired with the matching top. 2 reasons I purchased this. The matching top and the fact that the triangle on this pair is filled in with fabric. I think that I've brought this up before. I do like your g-strings with the triangle back but in my opinion, if the triangle in the back is filled in it makes the g-string all that much better. It brings a whole new level of sexiness just by adding a little bit of extra fabric in the back. Honestly, I could not keep myself from knowing and looking at the back of these because and I don't know why but that little extra makes these things crazy Sexy looking! Sets are the best hands down. Andrew, I would like to leave you a comment. I am not bragging in any way but just saying, yes these things are awesome to show off to a woman! This site makes that very possible. Sometimes I steal the spotlight in the bedroom when it comes to modeling our lingerie haha! I have been married to the best open minded woman for years. I hope, and you will find, that special someone to share your passion with. Believe it or not, real open minded women are out there! Sharing a passion together, especially this one takes bed room heat to the next level! All them "manly men" who would frown upon us, probably have an average sex life. Nothing compared to the spiceyness of BA in the bedroom! As always, BA, keep up the fantastic work! More more more haha! "

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