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An Epic Leopard exclusive design! At Epic Leopard, we love cages. They are awesome entry (and expert) level restraint / bondage / chastity items. But, it seems they are all overly expensive and complicated. So, we went out and made our own!

You know that feeling when your hard erection presses against your jeans, begging to be released, and only makes you harder and harder, that is exactly what these do. Cages tantalize your partner by keeping his goods locked up, out of reach, and restrained from reaching maximum erection. Giving you the ability to toy with him until you decide he's had enough. We added a D-ring at the end so you can leash him like the dog he is, or cuff his hands to his parts, with out any ability to satisfy himself. So sexily evil!

Hand made in the USA of fine leather. Smells like a saddle, in that sexy rugged, down right dirty way.

Outer ring: adjustable up to 8.25inches in circumference
Inner ring: 7inches in circumference
Length from beginning of inner ring to the D-ring: 3.25inches

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