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Our new improved latex Rubber Sheath is perfectly proportioned to encase your manly triumvirate in latex paradise. A open latex tube has been incorporated into the end of the sheath. When erect the sheath is totally form-fitting showing all your bumps and ridges to perfection. This exciting new item is hand made by artisans in Germany and is molded with a flange around the outside for easier wear. Made of medium gauge latex, the sheath is approximately 6" long, and 4" in circumference.

To get it on you will find it easier if you are flaccid and use a water based lubricant. Insert the penis in the shaft first and then use two fingers on each hand to hold open the flanged opening wide to envelop the balls. We recommend the sheath be worn on its own, or paired with any of our BodyAware open front briefs. Comes complete with lubricant sachet. You can also shine up the latex with our Black Beauty Latex Polish.

  • Rubber sheath with open tube
  • Medium gauge latex
  • Moulded latex
  • Shaft length measures approximately 6"
  • Tube diameter 1.5"
  • Hand wash
  • Imported from Germany

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Customer reviews

Received on October 20th, 2012

"Wonderful! Fit and feel are really great as this latex has a little more weight to it than others. Comfortably and warmly holds it all. I find it better to put a little lube on your head, shaft and balls rather than lube the sheath. Fantastic when worn with the latex hole in one brief. If you want excitement......"

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