Italian Tactel BodySuit | Style Code D044 | $34.95

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Soft, supple and slightly transparent tactel bodysuit for men. This superb bodysuit provides shape and support with a flattering style that highlights your shoulders, waist and butt. Step-in styling and v-neckline. Full seat.

  • Soft and transparent tactel
  • V-neckline and full back
  • Step in styling
  • 85% nylon/ 15% spandex
  • Machine wash gentle
  • Made in USA!

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Customer reviews

Received on November 15th, 2013

"Fantastic new bodysuit - the fabric is slick under your clothes and feels like it is barely there. Great fit throughout the crotch and seat, and the deep V neck is placed just right to keep it out of the way. I made sure to order a couple of each color - this is definitely an everyday wear item for office comfort. "

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Received on September 12th, 2014

"6'2" - 165 lbs. (perfect fit in medium) BodyAware does it again! For anyone who is curious about getting rid of the 'bulk' from cotton t-shirts/undershirts and underwear/boxers under their business wear (suits/business casual) here is the solution! For several years under my business attire I have used a non-cotton, bodyhugging v-neck undershirt tucked into a BA thong or g-string and that has worked well. This one piece though eliminates the need for those two! The material is light and bodyhugging. When I first tried it on I was concerned the V-neck was too wide and it felt a little like it was going to fall off/over my shoulders (it's wider than my standard V-neck t-shirts I typically wear). I wore it a full day and it was completely comfortable - never a thought like 'I'm wearing a one piece' or 'it's falling off my shoulders'. Next to comfort my main concern was if I might show a 'pantyline' through my suit pants when standing or bending. The outer edge of the brief is smooth and lays flat to the skin so there is really no outline that shows with normal movement. You have to try really hard to get a pantyline to show in a light colored suit just bending over with the behind pressed against the seat of the pants (I tried). Even if someone did see - big whoop it's underwear right? - and personally, I don't mind seeing the pantyline on a cute derriere. I had a little reservation about the low 'scoop' on the back - how it would feel and what it might look like through a lighter colored business shirt. Again not a big deal - I can keep suit jacket on or wear slightly darker shirts that one can't see through. Also, most people never really see your back for any major length of time. This is a GEM! Like most things I get from BA...I'll be ordering more!"

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Received on January 2nd, 2014

"Wow. What a great feel! I love this item. Best material ever. As a stretch material it is light and sexy and feels smooth. I can't help but to feel excited with the item if you know what I mean. I will be buying all colors"

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