Impulse Rubber Sheath | Style Code LX023 | $19.95

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A perfectly proportioned sheath that encases your manly triumvirate in latex paradise. Our sheath is hand made by artisans in Germany and is moulded anatomically correct with a flange around the base for easier wear. Made of medium gauge latex.

We suggest you put a cock ring on first to hold your boys in place, lube up your penis and the inside of the sheath, then stretch and slip that little sucker on over all your stuff. To put on successfully, it is best if you are NOT hard. Once the sheath is in place, nature will take its course and you will soon find yourself engorged in soft and slippery latex heaven.

We recommend the sheath be worn on its own, or paired with any of our BodyAware open front briefs. Comes complete with lubricant sachet. You can shine up the latex with our Black Beauty polish item code BB1. Due to the nature of this product, this item is not returnable.

  • Moulded latex
  • Hand wash
  • Medium gauge latex

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Customer reviews

Received on December 7th, 2013

"Well I decided to order this despite the reviews. Wow, it took me over an hour to put on! I'm blessed to be well endowed with huge balls. I lubed up myself and sheath. Getting my dick in was smooth no trouble, however getting the sheath over my bad boys proved to be a feat unlike any other. It looked like they wouldn't go but after patient endurance I prevailed!! I'm hoping consecutive tries will not be so harrowing. Thanks Body Aware, once again you made me look spectacular. :D"

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Received on January 22nd, 2014

"I also had trouble putting it on. I had to try on several occasions until I finally made it all in. The outcome was well received, but the hassle to get there took me out of the moment for at least 30 minutes to get it on."

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