Furries J-String | Style Code CS099 | $17.95

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This unique design is custom made for your special fursona! We start with a virtually weightless silicone frame that is shaped to fit you to perfection. The frame is covered in a soft, furry, textured fabric with a contoured pouch fit. There is also a detachable tail that is easy to fit onto the frame. The tail rests perfectly between your legs for a wild look and feel. To wear, just spread the frame open around your most precious parts, adjust yourself into the contoured pouch, and the anatomically correct frame rests nicely between your cheeks.

  • Perfect accessory for your Tiger or Zebra fursona!
  • Furry pouch front with detachable tail
  • Easy to wear
  • 96% polyester/4% spandex
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Imported for Epic Leopard
  • Patent Pending

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Customer reviews

Received on August 4th, 2014

"A characteristic of the unusual suspension in the J-String styles that I noticed right away, is the palpable conversion of excessive package bounce into a sensual side-to-side wobble that still feels nice and big, but with comfortable, natural feeling support. The wobble can become so pronounced that it'll even get into your walk if you're not careful! The Furries style extends wobble into a full wag with the addition of its thick, long tail. Remember, even a slight yank on the detachable tail will leave your most precious assets completely exposed and subject to wanted attentions of all kinds - all in about a microsecond. BodyAware underwear as outerwear styles are really heating up!"

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