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2013 Visionary Award Winner and one of our favorite items.
We have been testing these in the office for a few months now, and boxes keep vanishing from the shelves. Use them to "shower" while fishing and camping, keep them in your car as tissues and dash wipes, use them to clean up after a solo session, put them in your backpack for a hike or bike ride, use them after doing your duty to clean your behind. Whatever the case, these babies are awesome, and you can bet your … that we keep them in our bathrooms!

Now available in 2 options:
30ct, individually wrapped box 48ct, pack (not individually wrapped)

*User tip: Keep them in the car, use to wipe hands after a meal, then give the interior a quick wipe to refresh. *User tip: Keep next to bed for a quick and easy clean up after "play".

  • Single Package (Easy to go or stick in your pockets)
  • Multiple Functions (Wiping your butt, cleaning off any “personal time” remains, wiping face)
  • Size: 30 in a box, 44” square per wipe
  • Alcohol free
  • Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

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