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Our top selling toy of and since 2013! This baby slides on, stays put, and adds A LOT to your package. Awesome!!

Slide your lubed penis inside DUDE…doesn’t matter if your small or large, DUDE stretches and grips--it takes what you’ve got and makes it fatter--it adds about 2 inches of girth…it makes you longer—it adds about 2-3 inches of length…drop your testicles through the hole, and this thing stays in place.

There is an original cocksling designed into the base, so this is the first cocksheath that stays on even when used hard, (it even stays on if you aren’t rock hard).

DUDE works because it is made from SUPER-FLEX TPR, a material so flexible, it can stretch 3-4 times its actual size…but firm enough for strenuous sex play…it is a material created just for these type of toys…DUDE feels like it is part of you.

When you slide your penis into DUDE, there will be air space in front of your cockhead, just grip the shaft and squeeze out the air, this creates vacuum that’ll suck DUDE down onto your shaft…it will not come off til you want to take it off.

Forget about all the awful vinyl cock-sheaths you have seen or used…they were too hard, didn’t fit, even hurt to wear, they didn’t stretch…and they were heavy. No matter how long you used them, they didn’t feel like they were part of you…this one feels like your own penis, only thicker…longer.

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Customer reviews

Received on January 5th, 2015

"This is the BEST thing I have ever purchased. I ripped it open from the box and could not help but to lube up and put it on. I walked around with it for hours.. I love it.. I'm vers and I love using it on my partner and i still get pleasure out of it when I lube the inside alot..I can but while wearing it to penetrate him.. and my partner is about 7 inches and thick.. this makes him longer and it makes him thicker because the inside is hollow so it expands. EXCELLENT when i top and bttm.. I WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!"

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Received on December 26th, 2014


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Received on January 5th, 2015

"WOW. BIG surprise for my GF, she didn't know untill I penetrated her the first time with it (that's why we had sex in the dark last night, babe) It made her squirt for the first time. Don't think she wants me without it anymore. One of our favorite toys for sure."

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Received on January 5th, 2015

"This is now my favorite toy. My wife loves it! The best part is I can actually feel while I'm using it. You put it around your balls, then apply lube inside it and insert your penis before it gets hard. There's a pocket of air that you squeeze so it clamps down that also creates a pleasant sucking sensation that's similar to the sensation of "real" sex (although obviously not quite as good). Once you insert it, you don't feel anything for the first couple of inches, but you use this time to slowly break her in... Remember, your dick is much bigger than you're used to so you've got to be gentle. When you insert it to the depth of the air pocket, the walls squeeze it and create the suction again which helps to maintain your erection, and when she's ready you can put it all the way inside and you'll feel it stimulating your real dick underneath. She winced a little at first told me it felt like I was shifting her organs, but I was being a little too rough, having a porn dick is not what I'm used to ;). When she was ready to take it I started giving her long, deep strokes and she loved it. She described it as feeling like a real dick with a condom on. Unfortunately I went out of town after using it the first time and I can't wait to use it again!"

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