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Cobra Libre 2 - The brand new updated version of Fun Factories favorite masturbation machine! Cobra Libre was the absolutely amazing, first of its kind sensational stimulator for guys created and manufactured in Germany. This ergonomically shaped, easy to handle stimulator is the absolute must-try for the adventurous, thrill seeking man! Now the Cobra Libre 2 expands on this revolutionary device, taking it to the next step in design and ease of use. The Cobra Libre is made of soft silicone interior that gives the ultimate fit for thrilling male stimulation . Once inside, the two powerful motors release pulsating vibrations that provide targeted, on the spot sensations. The surprisingly powerful for its size internal motors in the Cobra Libre can be operated independently from one another to release unique waves of vibrations Rechargeable with Click n’ Charge technology.

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Customer reviews

Received on January 23rd, 2016

"This item is great! It gives pretty great head with a vibration. It can cover enough dick to really feel good. The product might feel a bit tight at first, but with use it seems to accommodate to your dick. I had this used on me during a gangbanging while I was being fucked and the sensation was out of this world."

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Received on February 9th, 2016

"Love this item! Had to get used to it at first but once I did it was amazing!!"

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