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Simple to use, great all around c-ring, in the most amazing material you'll ever put around around your package. Neoprene offers all the support, but WAY more comfort than traditional leather cock straps. The only thing you'll be wondering, is why someone didn't offer this sooner.

Our Snap Strap does for men what a Wonderbra does for women: It gently lifts your genitals to give the appearance of more volume. The strap is made of neoprene and has an adjustable snap closure to fit any girth. The normal way to wear this item is to fit the strap around the base of the testicles and snap to close. Measurements: (inches)
Overall, when lying flat: 8
Diameter: adjustable for perfect fit and feel.

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Customer reviews

Received on March 11th, 2015

"Unlike a lot of cock rings this strap is really, really comfortable - the strap is soft and you can wear it tight or loose (loose if you're going to use it to enhance your bulge, tight if you're going to use it for... You know, other things). It lifts your package and shows off your bulge nicely. I wear it with g-strings, personally, and you can't see the strap underneath, but it lifts and fills out the pouch nicely. It fills out slacks too, but not to the point of being obvious. Calling it a "wonderbra" is pretty accurate."

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