Baby Ribbed Thong | Style Code Z273 | $14.95

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The softest blend of rayon and spandex make up this very soft and quite possibly the most comfortable thong you've ever worn. Virtually seamless, with a contoured pouch and a thong back. Dyed-to-match elastic trim at waist and legs.

  • Supportive pouch design
  • Virtually seamless
  • Soft rayon/spandex blend
  • Hand wash
  • Made in USA

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Customer reviews

Received on October 1st, 2011

"These lovely little sexy panties are just what the title says and more. Beautiful shimmering tiny scalloped elastic trim, fit only a man pouch, with the tiny satin bow in front, so perfect and sweet. Any guy would love to find them in his panty drawer and wouldn't be able to resist pulling them gently on, then feeling the whispering brush kiss of the delicate thong back on his private spot. Sweet in Pink! Can't take them off, so nice! If you're a guy who likes [PINK] panties, you will love these perfect pink panties!"

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Received on September 9th, 2011

"Wonderful panties. Great sizing, wonderful comfort. Anyone's bum will look great! Get them if you wanna be a guy who looks great in panties!"

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Received on May 12th, 2012

"These panties are just divine! They are so light and soft, but at the same time hug your bits so securely and gently. Got these in pink - small. At 33.28.34 they fit me like a glove! For a man with little-to-no posterior they really help me work what i do have to the max! You can easily forget you are wearing them, so they are great for all day wear. But where's the fun in that? lol ;) When walking around going about your day you can feel your pants/jeans/shorts occasionally brush and caress the pouch. The half-thong back softly kisses and slides along the inside of your cheeks at just the right spot! Depending of how much you wiggle those hips one side of the thong back will sometimes drop in entirely and tickle that special place, and when it does, it feels so delightful you'll be hesitant to adjust them. Just be careful who's watching, because the smile on your face will leave many wondering what your secret is! They are the perfect blend of stealth and sensual. Subtly and sublimely reminding you every time you shake or twist your little tail that your precious parts are wrapped in pure sexiness! A must have for every mans panty drawer, in EVERY color! Thanks Body Aware .... you are the greatest! "

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Received on June 28th, 2013

"Absolutely spectacular. A bow in the front and it rides just the perfect way. I have been wearing thongs for over 8 years and this one is the most girly panty made for a man. These thongs are bright colors and when I look into my thong drawer, these ones are quite visible through the entanglement of other thongs. I will always buy thongs from BodyAware from now on. Great job and thanks for making it feel so goooooood on me."

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